Today my socks have dancing penguins in top hats on them. This makes me happy.

Secondly… I’ve decided I need to stay home more often to keep an eye on my fish. I think that when I sleep, or when I’m out doing whatever, they are secretly plotting against me. They’re angry because they rely on me for food and water changes, and they cannot live free, copulating and fighting as they desire. Therefore, they’re staging a fishie coalition to take me out.

That time that I saw Storm going at Dr. Seuss? He wasn’t trying to kill Dr. Seuss; he was showing him fighting manoeuvres! Dr. Seuss was critiquing his moves and telling him how to improve them!

Luckily, Stinky the fish (that may just be his new name), is isolated from them all. However, because his tank is arranged on top of the other two, he is their ringleader. He sends down the orders from his little perch on top and watches to ensure they execute them properly.

I think I’m worried. These are Siamese fighting fish! They’re *trained* to do this kind of stuff.

Maybe I’ll sleep with the lights on. And tape the lids down on their tanks.

If you don’t see regular updates from me over the next little while, be afraid for me, okay?

And don’t believe messages that have improper spelling, punctuation or grammar (well, mine’s not perfect, I know). If a message like, “jEn is FINE. DNOT worrrie. GO aBOUt yoUr bizNeSS” appears, then… you know the fish have taken over. Same thing goes for instant messages that might look like that.

They’re just waiting until Stinky gets bigger like Dr. Seuss and Storm; they’re his fighters.

I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I’m off to work, where they can’t get me. I guess winter is my saviour for now.

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