Twice in a row now, I've been up late writing cover letters and submissions and asking people oh so nicely to consider me. I wonder how long I have to wait until I start hearing things?

It's been a few weeks since the round of bookstore applications, and a week since the pet food store, plus about a week and a half since the round of government applications. Bah. I will of course, be posting whenever I hear anything, but I'm also trying to avoid talking about them too much in case I jinx anything. Suffice it to say, I'm finding positions that would be great for me, so here's hoping. :)

Damn cat. He's put his claws into my knee no less than five times, trying to get my attention for something or another. I went downstairs to see if he wanted to be let out, and there's snow on the back stoop and it's kinda cold and windy out (though hopefully not too bad if I do decide to go out at all). He took a look outside and made this kind of "mrah" noise (as cats are wont to do), but this one had a funny tone to it, like, "No, I don't want to go out in that." It made me laugh. :) I did wake up this morning with Shadow nestled against my side and Digger by my feet, then on them as I started to move around. It's really comforting having them use me as a giant pillow. :)

I cut out of my class early yesterday, and I'm not going to Witchcraft tonight. I feel better now that I have all the books, and today is going to involve mad amounts of reading and writing (hopefully), as I have two papers due this week. Urgh.

In other news... I've finally organized all the links on my computer into "frequently updated" and "less often" (although, in some cases, that counts as "never aside from the day they started"). If you want to feel shamed into posting more often, I'll break down the list, but for now... dunh dunh dunh! That's threat enough. ;)

Other than that, what's been going on? Minor complaints about various people, but that's not helped by the fact that I'm not sleeping well and generally feeling irritable. Some of those complaints would still be there (starts with a c, ends with an oworker) even if I wasn't feeling bleh, but I'll hold off on 'em for now.

For now, off I go. Time to try to bully my body into waking up (haven't slept well recently) and get moving. Urf.

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