For comic fans... stolen off of Rob's site, and the easiest way I know to spread the word to friends of mine that might be interested.

Which reminds me, must send that link to the ex-.

In more important news, today Moose/Monkey/Mark is going in for his surgery. They're going to do weird and (in my opinion) scary things to his face, so could we please all share some love and send good thoughts his way? The surgery is sometime this morning, then he's spending two nights in the hospital. I'm going to go see him tomorrow, and bring him a card and a book I bought that I know he wants.

That's about the closest I can do to being helpful in this situation. I want to do something, but there's nothing I can do. :P

Anyhow, I'll post more later, but for now, happy thoughts please and thank you. :)

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