Mark's mom called my cell to tell me how things went; I thought that was really nice of her.

I think I'm going to get him some Mylar balloons tomorrow that say "it's a boy!" I have a strange sense of humour. :)

*Fantastic* evening out with gord, Angus and his gf Jenn. Oh my God, did I ever need that -- a quiet evening out with friends, filled with laughter, great conversation, and the analysis of everyone we knew.

Okay, not everyone, but many folks. Wonderful times, and I thank you all. I really did need that.

Gord's good for that, I find; I'll be not in the mood to be out and about, but then I will, and I wind up having a fantastic time. We're an incestuous little orgy, the four of us, and we have great future plans. I have some awesome quotes from the evening, but they're downstairs in my coat pocket (in my Fat Little Notebook), so I must input them later. For now, CSI beckons to me, and then bed. Urgh, do I feel tired. :P :)

Then tomorrow I get to take Mom's car in for a workover (free, courtesy of the dealership), and then I'm off to visit Mark in the hospital. I bought him this book he was eyeing earlier and a card, which I scribbled rude notes all over, and possibly the balloons. I just hope he's feeling okay; I might just cry if he's hurting. I was almost crying today at work 'cause I was tired and stressed and the day felt long and I was worried about him. That's why the evening out with the four aforementioned people was really appreciated, and needed. Otherwise I would have sat at home and likely moped or sulked or just felt like yuck. :)

*hugs* to all. I love meeting fantastic new people, and I'm just sorry I didn't go to Gabe's party to see my fantastic other friends, but I would have been a real drag, and I would have had to leave early, what with the lack of wheels and the early morning tomorrow. I hope we can get together another day.

And to Big A, my most favourite of favourite fantastic people, happy belated birthday. I'm sorry that I suck and didn't say so earlier. :( Forgive me?

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