I have other things to write later, when I have time, but for now, have a link I got off Dave Barry's blog: http://www.hamsterforpresident.com. I think it's a good idea for Mark's new baby.

Oh, and while I'm here, further proof that Digger is insane: Last night, I was in the washroom, using the facilities. He came along and stuck his paw into the garbage can no less than four times to try to fish something out to play with (there was only one thing in the bottom of the can). It was hilarious to watch, 'cause his paw wasn't quite long enough to reach the bottom, and so he kept making these little hops when he tried to get into it...

Right now he's trying to fish something out of my own garbage. I blame my parents for this behaviour; they leave dental floss hanging over the edge of the garbage can and Digger (and Chloe used to, too) thinks this is the greatest toy ever. Sometimes he has very simple tastes, but I love him. He's crazy. :)

I spent several hours last night applying to jobs that I found through the government site. But the time I finished writing a billion cover letters, my brain was very melted and in need of humourous conversation. I wound up chatting with Angus for quite some time, which was most excellent; I don't get to talk to him enough. I also spoke briefly with Ben and then Mark when he returned home, drunk. No real blackmail possiblities there, unfortunately.

I also caught up on all those Emode Match emails that were long overdue. I was in a very writy mood, so it was nice to get them all taken care of at once.

Okay, now I'm taking off. Laters. :)

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