Okay, life is over as I know it.

Either that, or there is proof out there that dating services are definitely not 100%. I mean, I should've known that based on a few of the people with whom I've chatted, but this is absolute, 10000000%, incontrovertable proof.


According to Emodematch, UBFM and I are 100% and 96% compatible.

Stop laughing or vomiting or staring in shocked disbelief right about now. Yeesh. *shudder*
Urgh. I looked at his picture and lemme tell you, I don't have the faintest idea what the hell I was thinking. Gah!

Fuck. I had a whole bunch more here, but I deleted it. I'm too tired to be doing this (and I'll redo it tomorrow). :P

For now, before I forget:

Lessons learned from the new He-Man show: Trust is something that must be earned through actions, not just words.

Sometime today I clocked over


hits. That's fucking phenomenal, and I owe it all to you guys. Thank you very much. I promise, once I get things ironed out around here (Blogger's fault, not mine), I will post nudie pics. :)

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