I have no real excuse for why I haven't posted much of anything lately. Basically, just haven't much felt the urge to write. There's really nothing exciting going on; I could always compose more cat stories, but I'm sure that at some point the lot of you will be tired of those, entertaining as they may be. :)

Digger is currently bitching at me to either go to bed or feed him (not that is actually hungry); Sunday morning the pair of them used my bed as a trampoline. Ah, crap. He's dumpster diving again. *grin* He's actually quite entertaining to watch as he does this. It's just a wrapper that used to be on a pair of socks, but the way he pokes at it all sneaky-like is funny... especially as it's often just his paw that moves, the rest stays fixed.

I have two papers due for the end of the week, and unfortunately I haven't even really begun them. I have the research and materials I need for the Friday paper, but Thursday's... well, ain't nowhere near being ready.

Fortunately, I'm into the school wrap-up mode; a week and a half left and counting. Yay. :)

Let's see... otherwise, I have a minor Buffy addiction, and have spent some time over the last while watching it on TV and DVD. The other night was spent watching episodes of it at Ben's place; now I've mooched the first two seasons from him to absorb and enjoy. :)

Hrm. Instead of writing "enjoy," I initially put "edumacate." I regularly mess about with turns of phrase and quotes from popular (or not-so-popular) movies and tv shows, all while fully aware of what I'm doing. It may be annoying, it may be dumb, but my friends know what I'm doing and why and I like to pretend they enjoy it. I like to think it's what makes my writing interesting sometimes; that I'll use phrases that others might not necessarily put together all in the interest of creating a little twist to my message. I do this with the spoken word, as well.

In that vein; I've noticed a trendy towards a speech/writing style that really somewhat bothers me. It's turned up in people's blogs or everyday conversation, and I find it makes someone sound about on par with a kindergarden student. The trend is to take two adjectives and put a "mc" on the front of the second one, turning it into a name of sorts; for example, Stinky McSmellypants for someone who hasn't showered or some such. I don't do it, so any example I come up with would suck balls in a number of ways, but... urgh. It annoys me. There is no creativity involved in something like that.

On the other hand, being told, "Way to walk, NoWalk," by Mark or Ben tends to make me laugh. Go figure.

Perhaps it's somewhat hypocritical of me, but I get annoyed with people who don't allow others to have faults or problems or what have you. I mean, there are some problems that are difficult to deal with and be understanding of -- such as constant lying or being an asshole or having absolutely no sympathy for others whatever -- but when it comes to something you can't control, such as your health or family problems... I mean, fuck. Use your brain and give people some leeway.

On a totally unrelated note, Peacock (the royal blue fish) is blowing bubbles. This means he's happy, and when Peacock is happy, then I'm happy -- and people don't die. :)

I reread Carpe Jugulum today, by Terry Pratchett. I guess I'm on a total vampire kick, what with Buffy and all; mind you, the first few episodes have her fighting witches and bugs, as well as vampires.

Digger has decided to use my cell phone to make long-distance calls. I wonder who he knows?

What else? I got an email from the magazine people, saying they still want me to send things in. I hit up one of my hosts' guests, and I've been invited to send in some samples. I dropped off a resume today, pretty psyched about that. I'm waiting to hear about the whole Chapters thing... Yeah, my life is one big thrill ride. :)

I sent a really short and snotty email to UBFM in reply to what his email and EmodeMatch profile said. He sent me a big long email saying he was different now, he was an ass then, he's changed, he wants to be my friend, blah blah blah... it's weird. On one hand, I'm thinking, "why not? I'm not angry about the whole catastrophe anymore." But on the other hand, I'm thinking (okay, 99% of me is thinking), "he was an asshole then, can that really change that much, what exactly would I want to waste my time for, etc., etc., etc." There is nothing that I feel I would gain from a friendship with him; I might as well prostrate myself at the feet of the coworker and ask to be his friend. UBFM and the coworker represent the two people who have managed to make me feel the absolute worst about myself, who have given my nothing but hangups, baggage and grief, and who both suffer from victim complexes and assholeitis. So, why be his friend? Exactly. I look forward to writing him an email detailing precisely why, five years later, I still want absolutely nothing to do with him. I'm such a bitch. :)

On a semi-work related note, I just did a google search on "cyst ovary" and the first two hits to come up are this:
"... Results 1 through 1 of 1 for cyst ovary. ... Look for cyst ovary at eBay - The World's Online Marketplace Find it at eBay - Over 5 million items for sale! ... www.cyberspace.com/cgi-bin/ cs_search.cgi?Terms=cyst+ovary - 9k - Cached - Similar pages"

Goodie, can I please by an ovarian cyst on eBay? No, really, can I?!? Here's hoping you feel better, sweetie.

Anyhow, one more episode of Buffy, then it's bedtime. I'm going to work on one of my papers tomorrow and hopefully finish it and get some serious work done on the second on Wednesday. Mind you, I haven't much choice in the matter; at least one of them must be finished by Wednesday, since it's due Thursday.

Tomorrow is snackage with gord, Shawn, Ben, and Mark, which will, as always, be fantastic fun. Perhaps with the proportion of straight males somewhat higher, gord and I will be unable to gross everyone out by discussing... well, Mark knows. ;)

Urgh. Maybe I'll just go to bed. But Buffy calls...

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