Okay, so today. Did some writing, nothing really important. I actually did a lot of SFA today. I finished off a book (not one I needed to read for school), and didn't go to class. What did I do instead? Watched television. Sat on the computer. Had a cry for no real reason. I love my hormonal cycle. *sigh*

I actually stayed for my entire class yesterday. I don't think I've done that since about the first one for this course (CMN and International Development). We got the final exam and went through it; it looks really intimidating from the outset, but isn't so bad overall. I say no. The important thing to remember is *not* to slack off on this one, otherwise I'm seriously fucked hard, and not in a good way.

Got together last night for a drink with a new friend that I met online (see, you're finally getting mentioned!), and had fun. We talked a lot about war and politics, and I managed to hold my own in spite of really knowing absolutely nothing on the subject. We also managed to cover colognes and perfumes, drinking, my inability to remember my favourite alcohol (Baileys, bottles of which you may donate to me at your discretion), his roommates and assorted other topics I can't really think of right now. It was a good time, nice to hang out with someone in a completely different program than mine. It makes all of my complaints seem new. ;)

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet for me. I hung out with Mark Monday night (as I said before), and yesterday I found out (through the mailing list) that J's started a new job up the street from where he lives. Things seem to be really coming together for him (in an all-round sense), and it's good to see. Now here's hoping that I'm next. :)

I've had a bunch of weird dreams over the last while. I dreamt a week or so ago that Mark's elastics in the front were missing, and no one really knew how. I dreamt ages ago that I got married to someone that lived behind me (in my current house), and after we said our vows I stood at the party and looked at him and wondered what the hell I'd done. I've had tonnes of others, but I can't even begin to remember them. Most of them are inconsequential little things like having to go feed the cats and not having any food for them or something, but a few others have been fairly significant.

The cats and I hung out in the porch today, and Digger went outside a few times. I sat in the plastic lawnchair with my feet on a cardboard box, and Shadow jumped up and settled herself on me. She either got annoyed with Digger or really comfortable and happy (I can't quite recall which), and expressed her (dis)pleasure by digging her claws into my knee slightly. It wasn't that bad, but enough to get my attention and move her around.

I readjusted my feet and legs a few times as I got uncomfortable and my butt slowly went numb, and after I moved the leg she was most anchored on to a more downward position, she got fed up and jumped down to the floor... where she promptly showed how she earned her nickname (and near name Lisha, short for) Little Shit by biting Digger on the head. She's a sweetheart.

He didn't do anything, and she moved over to be closer to me so that I might protect her from his wrath, and I heard one of them growl at the other twice, a few minutes apart. I don't know who, I don't know why (if the head-biting provocation wasn't it), but after that they seemed to relax. Shadow rejoined me on my lap and stayed with me until I finished my book, at which point we all went inside, one big happy family.

My cats are strange, but they're certainly good fodder for here.

Anyhow, I'm going to try for an early bedtime tonight. I don't have to go to my English class tomorrow, so I want to get into work a bit earlier and get a few things accomplished, if I can. But first:

You asked for it....

You waited eagerly and patiently while I hemmed and hawed and never wrote anything that I felt like posting...

And now....

(*drum roll*)

It's here!

That's right! For the first time, it's Porn by a Chick!

Where can I find this, you ask?

Right here!

Thank you, and goodnight.

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