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Mighty Magenta

Well, super girl, there's no containing you and your almighty passion. With your extra-strong drive, there's no holding back when something's important to you — whether it's matters of the heart or matters of the head.

Enthusiasm is your game, and you're one to go after your heart's desire. Wanna run for student body president? Throw a fab Spring Fling? Let no man (or woman) stand in your way! While some may think your multiple interests and will of steel a little over-the-top, you probably feel differently. After all, pushing the boundaries and breaking a few rules is a small price to pay to enter the winner's circle.

A mistake-free life is hardly worth living, and you'd surely rather be led by your all-consuming convictions than wait backstage for life to happen. Patience may be a virtue, but unbridled enthusiasm is your true ticket to happiness. Whatever your dream, your powerful passion is sure to put you in the fast lane.

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