Digger and Shadow woke me up this morning when my dad was in the shower. See, sometimes Shadow will sit outside the bathroom door and meow the entire time you're in there, unless you let her in. My dad did not let her in.

Then, Digger came up the stairs and pounced on her, giving her a big bite for no apparent reason. My mom yelled at him. I was still awoken by all of this.

At some point, I woke up to see Digger up on his hind legs, trying desperately to abuse or steal something from my garbage cans; I'm not entirely certain what.

Just now, he went over to my garbage can and stole a collection of masking tape that was from my pants. He is now in the hallway teaching this masking tape a serious lesson. I haven't asked questions; all I can see from my perspective is his tail.

I have had a headache since last night, and for much of yesterday my eyes were bothering me. This may be because the last few days have been divided between staring at the television screen and the computer monitor, with little in between to break things up. Damn my Buffy addiction! And Ben, for being my enabler. :)

Anyhow, I got the English paper finished last night. My Intercultural paper remains to be written tonight, so that'll be fun.

Just got the phone call from Chapters -- they love me and want to offer me the store. Okay, maybe not; but they still hired me. It's funny -- when I went in for what I term 'the swimsuit competition,' he said I was the first to be scheduled. Just now, as they're arranging for orientation, he mentioned I'm the first one again. Kinda cool, I realize it's just a factor of how it goes, but nice to be first. :)

And another cat story. Digger brought up a hairball yesterday afternoon. Now, I can deal with just about anything that happens (my three years at the animal hospital also gave me a fair bit of exposure to some grody stuff), but barf always makes me gag. I almost bolted for the bathroom while I was cleaning up this Digger grossage yesterday, and partly it was because the smell was the most awful smell I've ever noticed. I've cleaned up a lot of cat barf in my time, and normally it's not so bad. It's gross, but it doesn't reek. I wound up cleaning it up, then rubbing some baking soda into it and spraying a bit of Lysol. Then I locke myself back in my room to write and burn candles (both for inspiration and to make the bad man smells go away).

I started reading Cocksure the other day, by Mordecai Richler. I'm not sure if I like it -- I've only ever read Duddy Kravitz by him, and I wasn't too thrilled about it -- but I'm going to keep plugging at it.

I got together the other night (as I said before) with gord, Sue, Shawn, Mark and Ben. It was a fun night, we had some dinner, some dessert and some laughs. Got to comment on Shawn's nipples -- and I did not call them nasty, that was someone else -- and any evening that allows you to comment on Shawn's nipples is a good one, right? I have quotes, but they're not right here. Maybe when I get to work I'll post them.

My eyes have felt wet since the day I cried. I don't understand that, but I keep hoping it'll change, especially if I get some sleep. So far, no real go. Ah well.

Anyhow, time to get moving. I was good about not taking a lot of time on my sites this morning, but now I must be off. I apologize for the barf story, but I had to share it. I think the fish Mom fed him the other night was to blame for the smell (and perhaps colour), but at least I didn't go into too much detail. It could've been much worse, remember that. :)

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