I have now completed questions 1-5 of my final exam for this class. The first one I detailed I answered already, but the other two I outlined are still up for grabs (the world bank question and the Iraq war one). Feel free to respond for me -- it's only 1 page, double-spaced. I don't mind if you do my homework. :)

*sigh* I still have a crapload of reading to do for Intercultural, though; that's going to suck donkey balls. Oh, wait, did I use that expression already? Ah well. Such is exam burnout, as defined by Meghan.

In order to amuse me, I politely request that you *please* sign my guestmap. :) I'm trying to figure out who the hell visits my site, and how I've managed to so massively surpass some of my friends' sites. I might start giving them plugs (like Jay's site, although he doesn't update nearly as often as he could!) in order to help them out -- although I do love the content. Stay with me! Love me! Worship me!

Erm. *cough* Sorry. :) Anyhow, I'm either going to bed or going to watch Buffy. Who'm I kidding? It's Buffy time. :) I've got a number of them downloaded, but most of them are season 7, so I have some serious catching-up to do. The quality isn't always the best (and the episode I watched today was subtitled in Dutch or something), but it's better than not watching, right?

Oh yeah... I just remembered my dream I had last night. I was Lesbian Willow, making out with Tara (although a slightly better-looking Tara than the one they have on the series). We were casting spells, too -- had to help Buffy, Angel and the rest of them beat ghosts or something. 'Twas kinda cool. :)

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