Okay, so that post was better in my head, before I got distracted (ooh, shiny object!) and started focusing on something else. Basically, what I think I was trying to get it as how we're all separate entities and we're essentially private human beings. That's not to say that it's impossible to do something that isn't observed -- certainly, all of the people whom I drove with or past saw me, those who I spoke with at the Humane Society saw me, and so on and so forth -- but that none of my friends would have known what I did today, none of you who read this site would have known what I did today, unless I chose to share it here.

The trip was a painful one, and it opened up some old wounds, but I don't have to share that. I don't have to tell you about what I found upsetting or even that I found it upsetting, unless I want to. There's a world of everything inside my and everyone else's head, and sometimes not sharing it can be lonely.

That's not to say that right now I feel the need to dump all kinds of grief and/or anguish on someone and I can't find anyone. It just says that I'm thinking about things like that 'cause it's more fun than trying to explain how my examples of NGOs (which I think stands for non-governmental organization, but -- surprise, surprise! -- the prof never actually spelled it out, just assumed we all knew it) happen to "function within the international development community to provide their distinct type of service: either 1) lobbying/advocacy, 2) activist, or 3) multilateral/network/partnering." Ain't this a fucking blast?

And that's just question number 4 of 10. Some are easier, but the one I severely dread doing is: "Provide a short analysis of the escalating war on Iraq by applying relevant theories and comparisons taken from the course reader and course books. In conclusion, indicate if the war on Iraq could have been avoided or not by referring to these theories." Fuck me gently, I don't want to do that one. :P

Although this one also sucks donkey balls: "You are able to arrange a meeting with James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank. You are, however, only given the chance to ask him one question during the meeting. What question would you ask him? Using the readings and ideas discussed in class, explain why you have chosen the question." Let's see... "Your organization has lots of money. Would you like to give me some, so that I can pay off my debts? I promise, I will not tell. After all, what is say, $100,000 Canadian to the billions you deal with? Thank you very much."

Fuck I hate this class. Y'know why I took it? 'Cause there were three fourth-year classes offered this semester, and one of them I'd already done, and the other was offered Monday nights, when I wanted to take this radio class, that it's turning out I don't much like either. I wanted to do the final project alone, and then this guy that seems really nervous and just... wiggy, no confidence or something decided he'd work with me. I was so tempted to go "No!", but I thought, "well, maybe it'll lessen the workload for me." Not likely -- as he said, [I] "should be able to teach him an awful lot about using the software." Argh! No! I don't want to do the work and be making sure you're on ball with it the whole time... I want to get the damn project done so that I can go home and work on my university stuff or watch television or read or hang out with friends or masturbate vigourously. I mean, c'mon! Argh.

Sorry, mucho stress. *sigh* And nothing's happening, really. It's all just a bunch of dates that I'm waiting to have pass. *sigh* I did, however, buy some Haagen Dazs "extras" chocolate brownie ice cream. It was my "you've had a rough/sad morning that had some crying to it and you're stressed, have some sympathy ice cream." I can justify any fucking purchase I make. :)

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