Maybe I have it all wrong, and he's not lazy, he's just stupid and afraid to show it. That could be it. It's not as if it's even outside of a job description (his), it's just that it would be helping me, or doing something nice for me, and that would be unthinkable. Even though he sent me cat pictures awhile ago, but heaven forbid he do something that might have him staying five minutes past his self-imposed departure time of four hours after he arrived.

Urgh. I'm not actually upset at it at all, it just makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. I should take pity on those less fortunate than I and say, "It's too bad that you can't handle something simpler than programming a VCR or alarm clock. I feel sorry for you." and be done with it. :)

And I am done with it. :)

I thought I heard the doorbell ring at 9:30 this morning, and there was no way in hell I was getting up to answer it. Nuts to you, crazy early morning person! I had a dream to return to, involving a semi-Oceans Eleven plot, whereby we were trying to get after John Travolta (as the main character) and his wife (not the one in real life)'s money, and there was a boat involved. Later on, I was making bullets from gold and what I thought was lead but turned out to be cookie crumbs and possibly trying to seduce a young girl, but she didn't go for it and I didn't push. Have I mentioned I have weird dreams?

Ah well. That's about all that's new and exciting in between last night and this morning. I got snuggled by the cats last night (read: they severely hogged my bed, at least at first), and the fish are all still alive and accounted for. :) Now I'm off to get ready for the day (much as I dread actually doing so. Gawd, I'm tired).

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