Today was pretty cool. I went to work for a bit, then it was off for the orientation. Woot. I now know much about company policy and various other company-related things (and still have much to read about), and I have an inkling of some of the potential benefits to sticking around. Now, if only they paid me $9 or $10/hr, I would be *so* fucking set. There are some serious advantages; it's just too bad the salary ain't where I need it to be. Ah well... I think I'm going to enjoy it anyhow, and I will get to make *massive* improvements to my library. :)

Of course, I must also make the *space* to make my library, as well as the *time* to read my books... urgh. I fit the ultimate profile of a "book lover," according to my new boss: "One who goes to the store to buy one book and leaves with five, knowing she'll likely never read the other four, but simply wasn't able to say no. Has piles of books about that are taking up space, and decides, "I need to have a garage sale." Has a garage sale, but winds up taking most of the books back, 'cause she can't bear to sell them." C'est moi, through and through.

After that, went to the radio class (late) and made plans for our big project. I'm working with someone else, which I kinda hadn't really wanted to, but at the same time it'll help share the workload, so it's not so bad, I guess. I'm just going to be glad when this class is done; it's a shame, but I really haven't learned that much, although it has given me the opportunity to work with the software (well, a different one than we use at work), and do things I wouldn't necessarily get to do otherwise. It's a shame I missed the class on newswriting, though; that was one thing I would have liked to have been there for. Ah well.

Came home, watched some Buffy. My dad gave me some snot for calling to be picked up from the bus station; if I'd waited, it would've been at least 20 minutes before another bus showed up, and it wasn't exactly toasty out today. When he asked me if I was completely incapable of taking a bus through our local area, I asked him what he was talking about. Then he said that it seemed every time I got to the bus station, I was calling for a pickup -- a completely bogus charge, 'cause frankly I can't recall the last time I called and asked to be picked up, usually 'cause I only have a ten minute wait or so. I told him I hadn't called for a pick up in ages, and I think he realized I was right, 'cause he didn't say anything about it for a few minutes and then just asked me how the orientation had gone. ;)

I think I'm starting to get back into the 'wanting to write' phase, considering how long this entry is going without anything of interest to actually contribute. ;) Getting comments on what I write helps (thank you Sarah and Catherine), especially when I'm being told that they love my stuff. ;) *dance* Very encouraging.

I've been feeling kinda weird the last while. I'm trying to get back into a decent sleep schedule, trying to make 2 a.m. a bedtime instead of 3 a.m. or later. My eyes have felt wet ever since the day I cried, and I don't know why. I don't think it's an infection -- they're not sore or whatnot, although occasionally I do get hit with "god my eyes are tired and I feel tired." It's all a weirdness, and since I've been watching so much Buffy, I have decided that someone, somewhere is casting a spell on me. Perhaps the fish.

*peers suspiciously at the fish for a moment*

Hrmmm... Shadow has seemed awfully snuggly lately... perhaps she's protecting me? And that could be why Digger hangs around so at night... of course, he could just be trying to get me to go to bed so the fish can work their evil magic.

Anyhow, now that I'm starting to ramble and such, I'm off to bed. Check in tomorrow, when I'll have actual serious content (imagine a serious face when I say that last part).

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