New article posted at Whore's Boudoir. Once again, I know it's late, but... well, exams were spanking me left right and centre, and not in the fun way, either. :P

I'm off to bed; I'm absolutely exhausted, though I seem to have found a second wind. Here are some notes for later expansion (teasers, if you will):

* Necrophilia vs. bestiality vs. bestality necrophilism
* Necrophilia with Jen (me)
* Why I hate everyone under the age of 20 (with perhaps a few exceptions)
* Nice cab driver
* Falling asleep at work
* The bridal shower

I think that's everything for now. My mom returned from New Brunswick today, so on the plus side, I now have access to a car again. On the minus side, she remembered to bring my sister, so I now have a sister about. With any luck, she'll start working again and just always be away. :)

For now, it's long past when I wanted to go to bed, so I'm off. Digger has already given up and chosen his spot; now I'll have to disturb him to move the clothes and bedsheets out from underneath him, and he'll get all offended and either leave to return five minutes later, or just allow me to rearrange him. Such are the chronicles of my exciting life.

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