Okay, while I await a phone call, I shall flesh out last night's notes.

First of all, the French lady. That was an amusing story. :) Three of us lined up at the cash, me in the middle. The lady approaches the cashier on my left, and speaks to her in French. Cashier replies that she doesn't speak French, but I speak up that I do, so the lady moves over to me and I take care of her purchases. She asks me if there's an ATM nearby, I ask which bank and give her directions to the nearest one, cringing every once in awhile at how English my French is, not having studied it in school for going on four years now. She also asks about gift bags and I tell her where they can be found (trying to say "stationnaire" for stationary, then chastising myself out loud for using the wrong term). She takes off and gets money, then comes back into the store to pay for something (I presume the gift bag).

This time, she's with the cashier to my right, and she's speaking perfect English to her. I start laughing and say to the lady, "Now I feel bad! Here I am, speaking horrid French to you, and you speak English!" She laughed and told me that she didn't think my French was awful at all, I shouldn't say that, and to not feel bad.

It made me laugh at the time, anyhow. :)

Buffy progress, for those of you keeping track (or caring at all): I've now burned the first few episodes from each season (4-7) to CD, in order to once again liberate the space that was once my hard drive. I need to clean off my D drive, for sure; it's all full of crap that I probably don't need. :P I'm missing 6 episodes from season 4, 4 from 5 (I think), 1 from 6 and none from 7. I rule! :)

Admittedly, some of the epsiodes have Dutch subtitles, but as I just told Ben, it's provided me with the chance to learn Dutch. Yes, that's it. :)

As for purchases, we hit HMV, and I picked up Shrek, Grease and the first season on DVD. I will *not* spend my entire tax return on sundries, however; if I do, I have *serious* consumer problems. :P

Anyhow, timem for showering and making myself look presentable. Ben and I are going to attempt to make low-fat pizza for dinner, so that'll be a nice adventure. :)

And before I forget (this works well as a note to myself), season four of Sex and the City comes out May 20th. X-Men 2 opens May 2nd. I am so lined up for entertainment this summer! :)

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