Speedy quick updates before I fall over, asleep. Although it's kinda not really two in the morning, what with the time advance and all that... Hrm.

I got together with an old friend from my MooseHead days (not the beer, if you don't know, don't bother to ask. :). We chatted for awhile, he hit on me a bit (what can I say? I was a MUD cutie ;), and now I'm home not sleeping. However, I am also not watching Buffy, so I think I'm getting better. :)

It's been pretty quiet and pretty hectic all at the same time the last few days. I spent monster amounts of time on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday writing papers (okay, more so Tuesday and Thursday), and I got those done. Now I just have a final exam due on the 17th (a big one), and crazy amounts of reading to do for two of my three. The third (English) shouldn't be so bad, although you wouldn't necessarily know it from the crappy writing I do. :)

I have a bunch of writing to get caught up on, as well; for the Whore's Boudoir (and I found someone else who's linked to it, which is pretty sweet), for FLESH magazine, for another magazine (as a test), for Bad Sam... urgh. The worst part is just coming up with ideas, although I have a half article written for WB, just haven't done anything about it yet. I'm procrastinating. A lot.

Hrm... aside from that, I'm afraid I'm somewhat boring. Jay and I devised a list of girls I have to punch in the head for him, because of how they've been to him. There's also one guy on the list -- a friend of his out in Winterpeg that may have given him disease. So, he gets a punch in the head.

And in a complete and utter turnaround from last night's "you need to leave me something cool when you die," speech, tonight Jay is reciting sonnets and passages from Romeo and Juliet to me. I think he's trying to confuse me, keep me on edge. Weird guy. :)

And on that note (much later), I'm off to bed. :)

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