Well, I have now committed myself to attending a wedding at the end of May -- for Greg and Madeleine. I will be dateless, as requested, so I will enjoy getting drunk and harrassing Jay. It's a good plan. ;)

The following weekend, I have my cousin's wedding to attend. She's my age, and her wedding is taking place in New Brunswick, with my dad acting as photographer. Needless to say, it's going to be a hectic weekend, seeing as we're not really staying very long. I think the trip will be about 4 days in all, with 2 of those days consisting of nothing but driving. :P

I find it vaguely depressing or something that my cousin managed to find someone and fall for him and stay with him and get married -- and in that same space of time (3 years?) I've dated ... urgh. A bunch of okay guys and some asshole guys and one or two really good guys. No one's worked out for me.

And, in a month and a half or so, I'll get wedding overload -- lots of happy couples snogging and snuggling and feeling all extra romantic 'cause of the wedding atmosphere... and I'll get to be the cousin (or the friend) in the corner, being drunk and making fun of the happy couples.

Oooh, Jay and I are never getting invited to another wedding, we've planned it. ;)

I'm not nearly as morose or despondent as I seem. I've just spent a lot of time inside my head the last while, as well as watching episodes of Buffy, seeing couples fall in love and fight and not be able to work it out... so it's getting to me. :P :)

On the plus side, I've finally written a piece for my second attempt on Bad Samaritan. As soon as I saw the current topic, I decided to run with it, and when I mailed the piece off to the guy behind it, he said that he had thought of me and was going to get in touch with me when he brought up the topic. That amuses me. :)

I think I've gotten over my writer's block, which is a good thing. I seem to have things to think and write about again -- like Digger's friend today. There's a black, medium-haired cat that was hanging around our property today, and it seems pretty friendly. It let me pat it and give it a few treats, as well as pick it up a bit so that I could move it away from the back door. See, Digger and Shadow wanted to come out to see this cat, and he (she? I didn't check) wanted to go in my house to go check the place out.

I hope it's not homeless; I'd feel really awful. We don't seem to get many strays around my neighbourhood. This guy was fairly skinny, but that doesn't always mean much. The same thing with the condition of this guy's coat -- he looked like he'd probably seen a fight or two, but didn't look the worse for wear because of it. I know I'm going to get in shit for having fed this guy a few treats, but it was the nicest way to get him out of the porch without picking him up. :)

It was pretty cute to see the way Digger interacted with this guy, though. Digger's not an aggressive cat -- in fact, he's so placid he's comatose somtimes -- and he doesn't like to fight other cats. That's not to say he'd hesitate to pick on or beat up Shadow or Chloe should they have needed showing who's boss... except that he really isn't, and he's okay with that. Shadow beats on him, he beats on her. Then they cuddle. It's funny. I think it's especially funny to see one of them holding a grudge -- that is, "I know you just swatted me a few minutes ago and I'm still pissed off at you for it." Or even to see one of them trying to annoy the other by crowding the other or swishing his or her tail into the other's space. It's a riot. :)

Anyhow, happy birthday to my mom, and I'll write more later when I don't have potential shoulder-lookers around. :P

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