Wow. Just reread my posts from last night. I did pretty well at coherency, I think -- I had a few typos in the article, but for the most part I caught 'em as I made 'em. What I like about my post here is the lower number of contractions that I used; instead of it's or that's, it's all 'it is' and 'that is'... makes me laugh.

I finally got Mozilla up and going, so I can start to field-test out new pages through that to see how they display, rather than using IE which shows me how I want it to look. :) For now, it's not as finely tuned as my IE is, what with all the personalizations and whatnot, but I'll get around to it -- like when I'm procrastinating as heavily as I am now. :)

I'm also slowly slowly slowly dowloading components to start using things like BitTorrent and vast amounts of Buffy episodes so that I can theoretically watch the 7th season -- the final 5 episodes of which begin on Tuesday. I might just watch it anyhow and bug my dad with question after question of, "What's happening now? Is that person evil? Why are they kissing?" and so forth. :)

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