Gah. Still tired. My life sucks. :)

I hung out with Gord -- or as I like to call him now, Glord -- and Shawn. We got the mad dinners, I had lots of drinks, and then we went on the roof of the mall and drank some more. 'Cause we're fucking classy, that's right.

In more detail: I still say they didn't seat us at the restaurant for awhile 'cause we were explaining to Glord the female anatomy, and how it is that the head of the cock doesn't really rub against the clit during intercourse. It can, but in the midst of the all the thrusting and pumping, it's not a typical thing.

Our waiter was funny, although I don't remember entirely why. He made fun of us drinking girly drinks (okay, me drinking a girly drink), but that thing had mad amounts of booze to it -- I was pretty tipsy after one. Then I had another and kinda sobered up (I think having the food in me helped at that point, too).

Glord and I stole Saddam Hussein's fries, and we acted all stupid and fun. Afterwards, it was to the roof of the mall for sharing swigs of Zambucca, which we all decided we didn't really like that much.

From there, we drew on Shawn's chest and Glord carved him a tattoo and smelled his belly lint (oh yeah, all the secrets are coming out now, suckers!). There was much discussion of Shawn's cock, which Glord poked a few times, and tried to get me to put my hand down his pants. I summed mighty reserves of strength and resisted. :)

There was a funny quote, lemme dig it out... Ah yes, "Why is my penis the centre of the universe?" I think it was a complaint, but it's hard to tell.

I really had to use the washroom, so we wandered into the mall, where I promptly slipped down a stair and hurt my ankle. Despite the comments about me being drunk, I was muchly sober at that point. We hobbled to the bathrooms, where I could hear Shawn and Glord talking the whole time, and then we went to Starfucks for me to get a chocolate drink. Which I drank and enjoyed.

Then I annoyed D a bit and headed over to E's to annoy him. This is my life; annoying people. :)

All of the above takes us to today, where I'm filling time at work until I can go shopping for a dress for the wedding and some more work clothes; I want to get some more shirts that are within dress code regulations (*roll*), and perhaps a skirt or two that I can wear at work. My works pants are somewhat warm for summer wear, and skirts are more fun.

Tonight will involve heading over to R and N's for hanging out. I'm so double-booked for plans this week, it's insane. So many people I want to hang out with, especially before I head off, and so little time. It's fun, but tonight really has to involve sleep, or I may kill someone just to see them die.

I mean, I may fall asleep at work. Sorry, don't know what that could've been. :)

Ah yes, and E has developed a new way to make fun of me/annoy me (and when I say annoy, I actually mean it does somewhat bug me and I might bring it up): to annoy, he interrupts me when I'm midstory. People do that to me all the time, and it makes me feel like I'm boring them or they don't care what I have to say.

To mock, especially when I'm in a long story or concluding one, he says the Simpsons line about Grandpa saying, "so I took the ferry to Shelbyville and I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time..." and so on. He finds it hilarious. *grr*

And today is ghetto 70's underwear today. Shake it, baby!

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