Of the opinion that I am hated by certain people who I considered to be close friends because they (he?) haven't(hasn't) spoken to me in quite some time now.

Also afraid to bring it up. :P

Stupid life choices.

Just because it's all bleak on here doesn't mean that the happy doesn't happen; in reverse, just because it seems all happy and stupid on here doesn't mean the bleak doesn't happen.

There be thoughts and sadness and regrets and other such that just doesn't make it here, sometimes.

Now I'm off to bed. I bought a dress today. It is pretty, I think. I wasn't really in the mood to shop; there was too much backpack hauling around. :P

What else? 'Twas a pretty quiet day all around. D and I had lunch in a diner, and I saw the crazy bearded lady sitting at the counter, having a beer. When we left the diner, she approached us (on the street), and asked for money "to buy a coffee." Uh... no way. Crazy bums.

Ah well, tomorrow is the scary appointment. I'll be writing about it in article form, which is why nothing has appeared on here about it. After that is work, then watching a video of D in a production of Rocky Horror -- as well as a rickshaw driver, actually. D and I were walking to the mall when he was hailed, and it turns out the rickshaw driver played Brad in the production, so I'll get to see a virtual stranger in undies.

Yes, this is me; I'll be sure to make an inappropriate comment about it next time I see him, if I recognize him. I'm a brat. :)

I forgot to mention before; E bought me a nice journal for writing in. It's campy in a cool way, and has on the front "she did not know whether to use her powers for good or evil." There are also little bits of comments inside, things like, "he deserved to be tortured" or something -- it's in my backpack, so I can't look just yet. That makes the second person in the last six months to buy me a writing book, and I think that's really awesome. It says to me that people notice that I write a lot (as anyone who happens to read anything I post online already can attest), and it shows that they place value in my writing. It makes me feel good.

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