Okay, the promised embarrassing story:

One day, shortly after getting "friendly" with someone I was seeing, we were having a conversation about weight. He was interested in losing weight, and stated that he'd recently hit 200 even. I asked if he'd lost any since, since he was wanting to get beneath 200, and he said that he'd only weighed himself the day before, and he wasn't really going to lose that soon.

I said I didn't realize that it'd only been the day before that he'd weighed himself, but that afterall, being under 200 was only a matter of ounces, so it was possible it'd happened already.

He said yeah, that's true, and after all, I haven't eaten for four days.

I said, I happen to know that that's not true.

Slowly, my brain kicked over the possible (and actual) double entendreness of that remark, and about the same time he started to grin (or maybe just before), I smacked him and said, 'Because we had dinner the night before, you asshole!'

Anyhow, I thought it was fucking hilarious, but maybe that's just me. :)

So, what else is new? Hung out for awhile with the 19-year old last night; turns out he and my sister used to take the bus together sometimes, 'cause he was dating a girl who went to my sister's school. Yeesh.

Going to a potluck tonight with E, and we're going to catch the game there, I imagine. Go Sens!

Which reminds me; Wednesday night I finished up work and headed over to catch the bus. I walk through a mall to get to where my bus stop is, and there's a restaurant there right on one end. Standing outside of the restaurant was a crowd of about twenty to thirty people, all watching the television that was up in the corner. Just as I passed through the crowd, a cheer went up -- it was pretty obvious we'd won the game. Sometimes, I really love my city. :)

Wednesday night was pretty dull at work, actually. No one was around, and all the managers were out it seemed, so we were having fun being stupid and goofing around. I was spending most of my time chatting and laughing with A and the 19-year old, and talking about all kinds of stupid stuff, mostly sex-related. Because yes, as people have said, whenever I'm involved in a conversation, things appear to go that way. :P

Ah well... trying to think of what else is interesting. The week has really flown by; I can't even really say what I've done, aside from work. :P Tuesday, my day off, I spent a bunch of time watching Sex and the City and Buffy, I'm sure... nothing very exciting. Got some mad snuggles from Shadow. :) I woke up one morning with her using my foot as a pillow, which was pretty cute -- usually it's Digger that does that.

This morning I came downstairs to give her a belly scritch. She was all folded up on the chair in the living room, looking really cute. Her and Digger will spoon together, and he'll wash her head while she purrs -- it's all very cute. :)

It's weird to think that in less than a week I'll be in New Brunswick, anticipating my cousin's wedding. She's going all crazy-like; she asked my dad to do the pictures for it, then cancelled it last night 'cause he was going to be too expensive, then my nanny got pissed off and rehired my dad. :) My cousin is the first of us seven granddaughters to get married, so my nanny definitely wants to have pictures -- there will be no cancelling, and I kinda agree with her.

Of course, that's not to say that my nanny hasn't had her crazy moments, too. My cousin's hall got double-booked, so they moved her to another one, but this one didn't have servers included. My nanny suggested that my cousin ask her friends and cousins to act as waitstaff at her wedding.

Uh huh.

I want to travel 24 hours round-trip by car to your wedding so I can dress up and be a waitress at it. No thank you; I'll just look at the pictures later and work in the meantime, thank you very much. :P Luckily, she never asked us to do it, so I didn't have to get grouchy about it. My mom told my nanny that was a stupid idea, and I guess maybe she took it to heart, or they worked something out.

And yes, I'll reiterate as my mom frequently did; it wasn't my cousin's idea, it was my nanny's. :)

Weddings make people crazy, and I think maybe I'll just elope, if I ever find someone dumb enough to marry me. ;)

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