I have an embarrassing story to share here, but no time in which to do it. It's pretty old, anyhow.

In the meantime, here's an embarrassing conversation that took place with someone else last night. :)

[in discussing how I don't have any interest in someone I think might still be interested]
Friend: I think [he]'s pretty mature.
Friend: If you need help, I'll distract him for you. :)
Me: *grin* You'll show some leg? :)
Friend: Shake my pasty white be-pimpled ass at him, and he'll go all pavlovian. :)
Me: Errrm... ew?
Friend: [I] got back, baybee. :)
Me: Man, if you thought I wasn't sleeping with you *before*...
Me: ;)
Friend: I'll unleash a bottle of clearasil on my hiney just for you. :)
Me: *rofl* On the site!
Friend: *laugh* Bitch! :) You can't just quote me every thirty seconds! ;)

And it kept going from there. Fun-ny!

Anyhow, must get dressed and head off to work. For some reason, they just don't accept "naked" as being within the dress code. :P More from me later.

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