Okay, so I've been busy the last while, and too tired to post very much. I'm too tired to really post right now, but I figure at the very least I must mention Buffy.

Was I disappointed with it? Maybe a little. It ended about the way I expected it would. I'm a little surprised that some of the people who would up dying, especially if my dad was right with the cast changes for next season on Angel; I'd love to see how they explain some of it, but I can imagine at least one explanation for it.

Okay, too vague and I'm annoying myself. For anyone that hasn't seen it, stop reading or whine later, 'cause this is your spoiler warning.

Spike dies in a blaze of glory -- somewhat literally -- and according to my dad, he's part of the Angel cast for next season. Best I can figure, they're going to resurrect him in Hell (or Heaven) and let him come back, claiming that since he had a soul and died nobley (nobely?), he can have another life. Or something; maybe Willow will magic him back, since he died from mystical energy and not a stake through the heart. Although my dad claimed that he got staked, and that's when he started being the sun, but I don't know.

Jay's been busy insulting me tonight: so far he's called me a kazoo and a person with a mean nose. I can barely see to type through the tears.

What else? Enjoyed the day off today, doing very little overall. Got some snugglage from Shadow, and Digger rested with Kim and I when we watched some Sex and the City. It was a rude episode; we covered his eyes. Or at least told him not to watch; since he was asleep, that wasn't a huge problem.

I've been enjoying the hanging out with the various peoples the last little while. Yesterday I got up early to go over to N's and watch as much of the Buffy marathon as we could. We were actually somewhat cheesed with it, though -- those who voted picked depressing, pivotal episodes. Sure, they're important to the series as a whole, but we were saying we wouldn't've necessarily picked them as "best." And of course, Hush and Once More With Feeling, the two we were waiting on, were the only two we didn't get to watch, seeing as how N and I had to work.

Work was pretty slow, actually. Nono, it was very slow; the longest four hours I've worked. :P I got together with E afterwards, and we grabbed some food and a drink at a restaurant nearby. Fun times.

What else? Well, Sunday I did my usual work and hung out with E for a bit after work -- we split fajitas, and they were surprisingly good. Saturday appears to be just a blur... oh yeah, work and then hung out with C for awhile. It's all coming back to me now.

Today I got to do some chatting with various friends online, and I set up an LJ account so I can read other people's "secret" journals. Stupid LJ annoys the crap out of me.

I know I still have to write about Friday's excursion of hilarity, but that'll come later. Right now, I'm really quite zonked and I think it's time for bed. I need to remember to pick up some new shirts or something tomorrow for work; I have a finite amount, and there is dispute over the blueness of my blue shirt. Plus, it's warming up and I don't have the patience to iron my shirts all the time, so... I want some non-blouses. :)

Dur, almost forgot. Chatted with Mark for a bit today, which was nice; I haven't seen him online in awhile, and I've had such a stupid schedule this week, so I haven't had the chance to call anyone. It was good to talk to him -- thinking about someone all the time just doesn't compare to actually getting to talk to/see them.

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