Quiet day today, nothing exciting about it. I watched a bunch of Buffy episodes on my computer, then watched the current season stuff on tv with Dad, after supper. I just finished putting away some of my clothes and getting rid of some others, and I'm watching Grease on my computer. I like having a DVD-ROM, but I do still prefer to watch movies on tv. It just means that I can watch 'em anytime, instead of waiting for a time when our one DVD player isn't being used -- or the TV to which it is hooked up.

And for the person I suspect is going to suggest I buy a PS2 or something equivalent to act as an alternative DVD player... no. :)

I caught Phone Booth last night with one of my new coworkers. It was a fun movie, and it semi-redeemed Schumacher for what he did to the Batman series... wait, no. On second thought, nothing could redeem him for that. :P Nonetheless, the flick wasn't too bad.

It's really been pretty quiet the last little while. Sunday was work and I was screwing up all over the place. Just making stupid mistakes, but it was all fine. Monday was more work and then off for the flick, and we hung out at Denny's afterwards and chatted. Then today was just me hanging around some more and as I said, doing nothing. :) It's my one day off this week, so I decided to enjoy it.

I did start my next article, so that was encouraging, at least. :)

Anyhow, I'm pretty zonked, so I'm off to bed. I'm sure I'll have more interesting news tomorrow. Or maybe not. :)

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