[sfx: alarm sounds]

A hand rises from the depths of slumber to shut off first one, then the second alarm.




Head downstairs to feed the cats. Refresh Digger's water dish. Discover that no one refilled the container with cat food. Momentarily begin grumbling until the sight lands on the opened bag of catfood at hand. Why are people so lazy? Refill container. Stumble back to cat's dishes and fill. No real concept of how full the dishes are because of the lack of glasses I am sporting.

Lurch back upstairs. Find bathroom right where I left it. Lock door, assemble various toiletry products required for making one (i.e., me) clean and smelling pretty and such. Hear Shadow meowing at the door. Open door, let her in. Fill sink with water (last night this game involved me constantly pushing her out of the way so I could brush my teeth and then she got her feet wet when I finally did fill the sink, 'cause she was already in it. Dumb cat). Get in shower. Begin wash procedure.

Cat is yowling, wants out. "Hang on a minute," I say, trying to finish slathering goop known as facial scrub on face. Cat yowls again. "Hang on a minute." Open door, let cat out. Shower continues, undisturbed.

As I shut off the shower head and let the water fill the tub somewhat, hear cat yowling again. Argh! "What is it?" Cat wants in to observe the shaving procedure or something. Let her in, she clambers up on the tub and sits between the curtains. A few times during the event I thought she was going to step into the tub. I would have laughed, but I know that there would have been blood involved, at least to my poor body.

Feeling very bleary-eyed. Being a social butterfly is good and bad. Good, 'cause I like hanging out with people and chatting with them. Bad, because I never know enough to say, "I have to go" and actually stick to it, so I'm very tired.

Mad's bachelorette party is tonight (different from the bridal shower), and I have an hour and a half between work and that to fill. I think I'll be sleeping. There's a couch in the staff room, I'm sure I can occupy it without offending too many people.

Anyhow, will write about the last day or so soon. Must discuss Wednesday's molestation at work :); Thursday's dinner and hanging out with E from work, and last night's adventures with Jenn, Angus, Matt, Stefan (how sad is it that I could hyperlink each of those names?), as well as E from work. Good times were had all around, I believe, and poor Jenn I think has about a glass of water or two entirely wedged in her sinus cavities. It's awful, but I don't think the people at the table next to us spoke English, which was to their advantage -- they had children, our conversation was distinctly rude, and it was loud. Yay for my friends. :)

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