So, I'm finally getting used to this new working thing, and that means that my feet aren't ready to fall off my legs in quite the same way that they did when I first started. This makes me happy. :)

I felt really tired this morning, and I didn't want to get out of bed, but I forced myself and I even got ready in a quick amount of time (relative to normal, that is). Of course, then I got held up downtown by the bleedin' protestors, and as much as I could gather I was held up by a bunch of pro-lifers, which irritated me. Well, not really, but if I'd really wanted to, I'd have gotten irritated by it.

As I later said at work, I can respect what it is that protestors are trying to accomplish, but so far three times now I've been delayed to work, unable to catch my bus at a convenient location or catch the bus in a location that wasn't open to the elements (which were out in full force at the time) because of protestors, so all they serve to do is cheese me off.


*shakes fist*

Yeah, there's a lot of passion there, isn't there? :)

More grousing about stupidity and such at work. Then I went to the other job and had a decent time. It was pretty steady for awhile, and when I cashed out I was $0.98 under -- the first time I've been under yet. That kinda annoyed me, but the manager shrugged it off and said I wasn't perfect, so why spend a lot of time on it? I also managed to achieve 3.4% conversion on the cards, so that was a good day. :)

Spent most of the time chatting with A and D, the 19-year old, when there was time. E was busy bugging A, and almost ignoring me -- I don't know if I offended him or what the last time we chatted, but there's not too much I can do. *shrug* Guys are strange and ... well, strange.

Anyhow, I got some replies done to some emails that have been staring accusingly at me for awhile, and it was weird... a few of them were just from random people who happened across my site. One guy was saying that one of my posts (from April) was very insightful, and I couldn't remember what I'd written, so I finally fixed up my archives and went back and checked and read it... and I was actually fairly impressed. As I was telling Mark recently, I usually find that everything I write is crap. I don't give it much thought, and if someone compliments something I wrote, I can't usually remember what the hell it was.

If someone says to me, "Hey, I enjoyed your last article on the WB," unless it was something I really laboured over, or really thought was stellar, I can't remember what the hell I wrote. I'm also always curious what it is that people like about the article in particular -- hell, one girl said I made her cry, and that's pretty ... wow -- which is why I pester people with questions. :)

I find it's also always interesting to see what it was that people found to be their "favourite" articles -- it tells me a lot about people when they say it's the more relationshippy oriented ones, and which ones in particular, than say the sexually-oriented ones. Or even what it is that they consider "racy" -- I've had one person say they found my orgasms article to be fairly "racy," whereas me rereading it, I found it to be somewhat tame. *shrug*

Anyhow... all of this is my rambling way to saying that I'm starting to accept that yes, Virginia, I may actually be a half-decent writer. Now if I could only do something about it; I know people who work as a freelance writer at multiple newspapers, or people come through the store and buy books on writing or magazines that focus on writing, and I think to myself, "Why don't I have that? Or why didn't I think of that?" -- why didn't I apply to journalism, instead of taking communications? 'Cause I suck and I have no drive. :) Anyone want to pay me for writing to this and the WB? :)

Ah well... it's getting late and this is long and pointless -- it's certainly not insightful or anything like that ;) -- so I'm off to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to be at both jobs... have I mentioned that like, a hundred times yet? It's true. :P

A note to anyone who still wears silk; if you're in a store that you know will be warm and where you might be hustling around, don't wear it. It's a surprisingly warm material for something so light, and while I knew that years ago, I was reminded of it today. I really need to buy some plain t-shirts in dress-code approved colours. :P

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