Urgh. More evidence that he's stupid. So stupid. Drives me insane. I blame him for this headache.

Yesterday was a whole day of nothing, and it's got me worn out. Does that make sense? I discovered a few new blogs today, so those get added to my massive list of what I read. I still need to update my blogroll, though; there are a few links to update or remove, and a few new ones to add, now. Stupid multi-browsers, makes it tough to stay on top of things. :)

My lower back is really itchy and it feels supremely satisfying to scratch it.

I keep trying to make plans to see Matrix on Thursday, then remembering that I have to work both jobs on Thursday and that's why I can't go. Friday night, however, is another matter entirely.

Dad and I watched Buffy and Angel last night. Well, I watched Angel on a separate tv, 'cause I was debating not watching it and he was driving me nuts with the channel flipping during the commercials. Anyhow, Buffy was pretty cool. We have our doubts about what's really going on in some cases. It'll be interesting to see how they wrap it all up. For the longest time, I was rooting for Buffy and Angel to get back together, but now... I don't know. Spike's such a sweetie, and he's been really good to her (at least as far as I know, I haven't seen all of the 7th season -- I'm somewhere near the end of the 5th, where he's all in love with her and doing nice things and she keeps rejecting him), and he'll be so hurt. So... I have the feeling she'll wind up with neither of them, or she'll be dead or something. I hope she doesn't die; that'd be really depressing.

And what'll probably happen is J will watch it Monday night (as he did this week; stupid satellite owner) and then taunt me with details online. What a bum.

Anyhow, must sneak off to grab shower and breakfast before anyone notices I'm online and starts chatting. I'll be back late tonight; working the first job, then the second until 10. Must remember to wear nice pants and a white, black or blue top.

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