My poor feet are so abused. I have blisters on the tops of both feet from the shoes I wore to Greg and Madeleine's wedding; I have a blister on the back of one heel from the shoes I wore to my grad. I have a huge bug bite on the top of the other foot. I also have a tender toe from where I dropped a VHS tape on it the morning that we left, 'cause I was trying to fish a hat out of the closet and I knocked the tape loose (and saw it happening before it did, too).

Yesterday was a nice way to spend the day off. I hung out with E in the afternoon; went with him to do laundry at the laundromat (there was new), then we grabbed some Pita Pit and a slice of cheesecake apiece. We were bugging each other all afternoon, and I found a new way to annoy him, but I think I've ... no, I remember. I call him tubby. :) Of course, he said I had fat hips (just using my line against me when I first said it to him, way back when), and he asked if he could call me Hippy Hippy Shake. :P

Caught the bus home, napped on it, which I haven't done for awhile, changed and cleaned out the litterbox, then headed out to pick up D for Finding Nemo. I managed to get us lost, because I took a route that was completely different from the way I usually go (but theoretically simpler), and it's been forever since I've actually gone to the theatre we were at, but we only missed about a minute of the film itself. Luckily Glord et al had saved us seats still (as I predicted), so we were able to slip in and enjoy right away.

The movie was fun, I really enjoyed it. I could hear Glord laughing through certain parts, and after one of them (where he'd laughed pretty quietly, for Glord), I leaned over to where I thought he might be sitting and told him not to get us kicked out. I have no idea if he even heard it, really. :)

Anyhow, after the movie, Shawn and Sue split, and the rest of us (Jacob, Glord, Eddie/Doxy, D, B (Glord's and Jacob's roommate), and myself) headed over to a nearby restaurant to sit and chat. We had some nice chat, and I ate too many potato skins and thought I was going to be sick, but it eventually passed.

Now, I've met Jacob on a number of occasions, and I like him; he's fun and he was my seat partner when I saw Matrix 2 and we chatted a bit through it. He explained the Terminator movies to me so that I could understand why it is that what'shisnuts, the kid, is so important. It was the first time I met B, however, and frankly... I dunno. I know Glord and I talk a lot, and I get interrupted all the time. All the time. I'm used to it, and I really hate it. That's one thing that drives me nuts about my family, sometimes; because I'm young (or they still see me as such), my perception of the situation is that they feel whatever they have to say is automatically more important than what I have to say. It's annoying, and a bit of a pet peeve, especially if it happens a lot.

So, that in mind, I wasn't too huge on B. My perceptions of the evening, which I was typing out in an ICQ to a friend:
Just annoying, kept talking at the same time I was talking, had to comment on everything I said... I dunno, I didn't take notes, but I didn't exactly want to invite him out on any events I plan. :P I was trying to talk about the funeral services and wedding services I'd been to recently (which Gord asked me about), so he had to comment on all the funerals that he'd been to that were United. I was going to describe my cousin's wedding (done by a Wesleyan minister), and he started going on about Baptists. (Which I'd mentioned, 'cause Wesleyan is a bit in that style). We were talking about Amanda (BJ's girlfriend), and debating whether or not Mississippi was Bible Belt (which it is, but I was getting annoyed with him even that early, so I didn't bother jumping in on it), and so he was talking a bit about the Bible Belt, and mapping it out for us: "There's the bible belt in the south, and then there's Utah." (which led to a bit of a discussion on Utah, but not much of one). After all of that, I basically addressed all of my comments to Gord and Eddie. :P

Ah well. I think I may have shocked Eddie, 'cause I made reference to something that Gord had said, and he looked all embarrassed. I hope not; he seems really nice, and Gord says he's painfully shy, and he makes Gord happy, so I therefore start out with a positive image of him. :)

Anyhow, after that was all over, I drove D to his place, and we played in the park for awhile, 'cause the weather was still nice. I did get a new bug bite on my hand, which annoys me; I have several of them at this point, including a really obnoxious one on the top of my foot which started bugging me about two hours before the end of my shift yesterday. My shoes are just slightly too small, so the tops of my feet get rubbed and it wasn't satisfying for my itch, just aggravating. *grumble*

And finally... Digger was being funny last night. He usually sleeps around my feet or legs, but last night he was sleeping up near my head. I think maybe he was more worried than we realized when we went away. Maybe if we're gone for two weeks, he gets used to it, but after just five days, he only worries?

I remember Chloe used to get really peeved at me if I went away for a weekend or a few days -- when I got back, she'd ignore me for a day or two. But when I went to Vancouver for a week (or five days? I can't remember) one year, when I got back she was so happy to see me again, she didn't pretend to be mad at me, she just crawled all over me. I miss my baby.

Cats are funny. I'm going to go bug Digger some more, then get some breakfast and shower for work (both jobs again today, and I get to close again!). However, since I'm closing with D, E and possibly A (yes, the drug enforcement agency is going to be there), it should be a fun shift. :)

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