D said yesterday that he had written out a huge reply to many of the comments that have come up about smoking, but it kept getting lost, so I will compose it here for him: "Everyone just accept my smoking, 'cause it's awesome and cool and the hardest thing I've ever done would be to quit my four-cigarette a day habit. It relaxes me after my stressful days at the bookstore, and it's made me a better lover, because it dulls my tastebuds." Or something.

Please note that that's tongue-in-cheek, totally, and I'll probably get shit from D later for having written it. :)

This waking up early thing is for the birds. They can have it. Especially when I feel sick and don't want to do anything aside from mope and feel sorry for myself.

Mope, mope, mope. I'm coming down with a cold. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm tired.

There, got that out of my system.

And that's all for now; gotta get moving. :P

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