Urgh. Feeling pretty zonked on the cold front. It's just in the back of my throat, it seems; no runny nose, no congested lungs, nothing else... just a sore throat and a general feeling of crappage. I should probably cut out the cold meds, but I feel as if they're kinda helping. Maybe they're just keeping me high (a valuable service to provide, in and of itself).

Got to hang out with big A for a little while the other night. We grabbed some cheesecake and did some catching up. 'Twas good times, and it's funny that I'd been thinking and talking about him just the day before. Tried to go and meet one of E's friends afterwards, but he was out, so no luck there.

Last night I got together with E at my place, and he got to meet the cats and folks. We hung out much more with the cats, and watched some Bad Boys, which neither of us had seen before. Not too bad, pretty fun. E commented throughout that Martin Lawrence is full of rage, and keep quoting things he'd seen out of the trailer for Bad Boys II. I drove him home and fell asleep in his place for a little while, then drove back home, praying the whole time that there was enough gas in the car to get me back. There was. I sent love to the car the whole time we drove, and I think it paid off.

Today I didn't get out of bed until 1, then felt like ass for awhile and called in sick. I just didn't have the energy to run for the bus, which I would've had to at that point, and I would've been pretty late anyhow by then. So today has consisted of hanging around and doing dick all. I picked up another DVD of Muppets episodes and Muppets in Space yesterday, so I finished off one episode and some Buffy this afternoon, as well as a bit of television and some reading. It's all about making me feel better. :)

D's supposed to pick me up shortly, and we're going to be running some errands and then renting a flick. I don't have the energy to do much of anything, but I don't want to just sit around the house tonight. I might have to interact with my family, and that would just be unthinkable. :)

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