Man, have I started a bit of a shitstorm with regards to the smoking thing. Yay for me. :)

Anyhow, got a few things coming together over the next little while (possibly)... it all remains to be seen, and I'm not really saying anything, just teasing with the comment.

I'm going to cave and get my hair cut tomorrow, if I can get my ass out of bed on time. I need to start sleeping better hours; I keep waking up feeling like I have a cold, and it sucks monkey ass.

Today at work was pretty dull. I was the only one on the schedule until close, but it was pretty dead. Myself and another girl were spending some time trying to figure out tricks with our phone system. We were unsuccessful so far, but we'll get it figured out.

I also picked up a few books with my book bonus; a Salman Rushdie (been meaning to try him out; Satanic Verses is on my eventual list), a Rita Rudner book (possibly my favourite comedian), and a book by someone that D happens to know... the hardcover version was in our bargain section for $10, down from the original $42 or whatever it was (and which I was prepared to pay). Nice... except for when I have to go move them. Damn.

I keep meaning to mention, last week it was absolutely dead, and I was working with E and two other fun people. Someone had left a German phrasebook by my till, so I amused myself for a bit too long with reading out various phrases in (really awful) German. The book was organized by subject, with other little "emergency" bits -- like the section that had "what the doctor might ask you." I got to ask E if he'd had his period, or if he was pregnant.

From there, I moved into the sex section of the booklet, with its pick up lines and things you might need to say in German -- phrases such as, "fuck me" (harder/softer/slower/faster), and I learned that Sex and the City had it right when Samantha told Richard that fuck me in German was fich mikh (I think that's how it's spelled).

Anyhow, my hands-down favourite phrase in the whole book was "I can't get it up -- sorry." It wasn't even the fact that they included it, or even that it was a phrase someone might practice, but the sorry that was tacked on to the end. In text, it seemed so half-hearted, or without any meaning to it. E and the others felt it was amusing that someone would need to actually say "I can't get it up" -- after all, isn't it somewhat obvious?

And now that all of my male readers have finished crying in sympathy for the poor guy who can't get it up... or even the younger ones are questioning the "can't get it upness" of it all (yes, it'll happen to you, too), I'll move on to another subject. :)

Okay, so I have nothing left. Can't decide if I want a nap or if I want to try to write. Hrm. Writing it is. :) (A decision that I only took about two seconds to make).

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