Okay, some more info on everything. Stupid five minutes of updating time, here and there; no real time for me. Grr.

Actually, that's a lie. I've had some Buffy time over the last little while -- got through one or two episodes. I also managed to get over to Ben's today to give him his birthday gifts and his Angel back (which means I now need to either buy or borrow it), so that's all good.

Anyhow, the new place. Woot! It's the second one I looked at, and I had a good feeling about it. It's a block away from E's place, which means I can throw things at his house if I want to. :) It's about four or five blocks from both jobs, which is great; it means that I can start getting more sleep and more exercise, since I'll be walking to and from work all the time.

I also save money on a bus pass, since I no longer have to make the hour plus trek to anything downtown; I'll be living almost in the middle of it now. It'll be about a ten or fifteen minute walk to get groceries and stuff, but I don't have to go anywhere for laundry; it's right at the back of the building, I just go out my backdoor and turn left.

The place itself is a one-bedroom. The kitchen is fairly small, but the bathroom is a good size, just narrow. There's a smallish living room, and then the bedroom itself. I saw it furnished, and the girl who lives there now had two couches in the living room facing one another, and she had a double bed in a nook in the bedroom. This means that my single bed will fit great, and I can upgrade if I want to and not have to worry about it not fitting.

I'll have room for my computer desk (which was also in the bedroom), and hopefully enough room near the bathroom or something to set up my stereo. I'll have a pull-out instead of two couches, so that'll go well in the living room with a television facing or something.

The other nice thing about being downtown at this point means that I'll have lots of friends nearby, in case I get lonely (which is a bit of a fear). I can go bug E, I can bus or walk out to see big A, and there are a fair number of others within a short walk or bus ride.

I'll probably get a cat a little later on; it'll be nice to have the company, and I think just one, raised from a kitten, will adapt well. I couldn't afford to have two just yet, and I really wouldn't want to have two in a place that small. However, as I'm wee, I'll do fine. :)

Anyhow, time to get going for now. More and more later.

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