Weird, weird, weird. Blogger was only using that format when I logged on at E's place. When I log on here, it's the same format it's been using for awhile. Makes no sense!

Anyhow, rationally, I know all of the things that D and Shawn said. I know that quitting for someone else is the worst possible reason to do so, and I know that trying to force someone to change their habits doesn't work. Biting nails can be comparable, 'cause it's also relaxing and good to reduce stress and all that. Your body also gets accustomed to it and starts to require it after awhile.

Bleh. Anyways... I was basically having a really emotional, whiny, frustrated day yesterday, so I ranted at the time. I apologize profusely to everyone involved. :)

And in better news.... I just got the phone call -- I got the place I looked at yesterday. Fuck me! I'd go into more detail, but I have to shower and be ready to go very soon, as he's coming out to sign the lease.

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