Today was very much between the good day/bad day realm. I hung out with Ben (contrary to popular opinion, he is in fact alive and well), saw Tomb Raider 2 with E, and worked a bit.

That's the short version of everything, because I don't want to get into the extended version. Why? Because as of yet, on one field (a potential good), I have no idea what's going to happen; that will be found out in the morning, which would come faster if I were to actually go to bed.

On the bad field, I don't yet know how I feel, really. I don't know how to react or feel, and sure enough have come on the inevitable questions and the wonder if I should even bother to ask them. Needless to say, the potential good could be really good if it pans out (with some somewhat bad to it, too).

To quote a Buffy episode (no, I'm not loser enough to know which one, although I am loser enough to spend time on IMDB reading the quotes page for Buffy): Wow, could you vague that up some more for me?

Anyhow, the next few days will be muchly full of interesting. I will do some writing tomorrow and maybe some Buffy season 1 watching; Ben has also said I could borrow his Angel again, and perhaps this time I will actually make the time to watch it (and decide if I want to ask for it for my birthday, or just focus on acquiring Buffy seasons 2 and 3).

I've been trying to write stories the last few days, but I either don't have the time/muse, or whatever I write seems to be crap after a few short sentences. I'm hoping that reading through the classics will help me out, although sometimes it just seems to depress me; today I read Pygmalian, by George Bernard Shaw, and discovered that it ends completely opposite from what I thought. Made me wonder if Shaw was perhaps a wee bit mysogynistic, or if that was just my reaction to it.

I picked up an anthology of Gothic stories from the bookstore with Ben; I'm looking forward to perusing some of those. I think it's a book that I used as a reference on a paper I wrote in first year, which amuses me for some reason.

So, for now, I go to bed (late, as always). I'll let you know in the morning what's happening with the potential good, I'm sure; hell, for most of you you'll likely learn about that at the same time as you read this. For now, go check out Shawn's new hair and show him some love, and check out Whore's Boudoir and leave me some comments, and finally check out this site and drop some kids. Funny when they duck or start crying. :)

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