Urgh. Bloody construction on our house. Mom comes in to tell me she has Shadow locked up in her bedroom, then says I can go back to sleep. Thanks. :P

I think I did manage to get some more rest in, but some of the things they're doing down there are making the floor of the house vibrate; pretty tricky to sleep through that stuff.

Nothing too exciting. D and I watched a show at the IMAX theatre yesterday; I hadn't been there in years. In fact, the last show I saw there, if I'm not mistaken, was Plains of the Serengeti with Jay et al... which has led to our years of history of jokes about lions and their mating habits. For those not in the know, the movie explains that once a year, lions will mate more or less non-stop (they'll rest or eat for 20 minutes at a time, but that's about it) for four days straight. The boys were all, "four days straight!" I was trying to drive home the "once a year" aspect of it. Since then, every now and then Jay and I will give each other a gift or something that has to do with lions. :)

Anyhow, D and I watched the Stomp movie; it has members of Stomp travelling to various groups around the world and showing examples of their dance and music. It was pretty cool, but short -- 45 minutes long. I'd forgotten how cool IMAX could be. I think we were both a little hesitant at first, 'cause when they were showing the commercial and talking about how if you feel sick you should just close your eyes, the quality was pretty poor... but when we got to a trailer for the other movie we were thinking of seeing (Adrenaline Rush) and then our movie, it was pretty awesome.

We got back to his place and rented Shanghai Knights; I've seen Shanghai Noon, but he hadn't. Knights was fun, very many homages to old-style movies, and with semi-corny name references again (the first one had the "John Wayne? That's a terrible cowboy name!").

Poor Shadow's hiding under the bed, and her pupils are huge, but she's pretty willing to come out -- I just put my hand under the bed and she came to me, purring, pretty willlingly. What a cutie; I'm definitely going to miss her and Digger boatloads when I move out.

Been trying to figure out how to segue into things, or even if I want to bring it up... I dunno. Basically, after the movie the other night, E and I talked (his instigation), and he thought it would be best if we ended things, or put them on hiatus (not entirely sure which we agreed to do). So... all of my complaining about people not accepting me for what I was doing is somewhat for naught, as I am once again in a monogamous relationship, it would appear. This should make some people rather happy, I imagine. :P

And even that is only temporary. D's leaving for school in less than a month, so as Jay put it, come September, I'll be a single lady. I might even do as Markuk suggested once upon a time and try to stay single for six months; it would give me a chance to reconnect with friends and get accustomed to living alone, as well as reconnect with me and just enjoy being single and unfettered for awhile. That all said and done, how actually likely is it? Well, we'll see, I suppose. As a sidenote (which in my head is connected), it's certainly not going to be fun seeing E act the same way he always has (i.e., talking and flirting with everyone but me at work -- who he completely ignores, even when I'm working the till directly beside him), or hearing about all the ladies that D is dating when he leaves. No one said that being me was easy, and goodness knows I don't make it that way, ever, it seems.

For now, it's time to shower and hopefully look alert. I also want to get some breakfast, but I figure what with all the men climbing on the outside of the house, I'm better off to be dressed and clean before I impose my appearance on them. :) The fish appear content with their clean tanks, and Stick has already refreshed his little bubble nest. Must remember to get them new lily pads -- Dr. Seuss is the only one with a lily pad right now, and it had quite an impressive bubble nest underneath it yesterday. I was so proud. :)

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