I am so tired. D dropped by my work for a bit yesterday, then Shawn and Glord dropped by to show me some love. I whined at them until they stayed my shift out, then drove them home when it was all over.

Shawn and I hung out at his place and chatted, and part of our conversation made me think of the misconceptions that people have. I was thinking the other day that there's a very good chance that some of my friends probably think that Markuk and I slept together (we didn't). My parents (I think) think that Ben and I were involved (we weren't). Apparently Shawn's ex- thinks that he and I have slept together, or are going to; this was very much news to me.

It's frustrating when people assume things about your life and personal life and don't bother to find out otherwise. It would be like me assuming that Glord and Shawn sleep together just because they hang out a lot; it doesn't really work that way.

Hrm. Gotta run; meeting my folks over at the new apartment so they can measure and critique. I'll write more later, when I'm awake and not cross.

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