Well, they closed the bookstore on Friday, due to lack of power. That made me happy. I got to go home and have some dinner with my folks and D, and then we went over to hang out with Glord, Shawn and Jacob. We walked over to the Dairy Queen to get blizzards and milk shakes, then walked back so that D could leave.

On the way back, we stopped by a convenience store and wound up buying a copy of the Weekly World News, which has to be some of the funniest shit I've read in awhile. Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction have been found, you'll be pleased to know, and they're dinosaurs. Not just dinosaurs, but velociraptors.

When we got back to Shawn's place, Glord and Jacob started playing on the computers and I did one of the giant crossword puzzles. They're not very difficult, just big, and as Glord put it, written for momotards. Best made up word ever. :)

I started to take off just before 1, and wound up upstairs and then sitting outside talking to Shawn for quite some time. We covered relationships and sex and us, and plenty of other things I can't even remember. It was great conversation, and I got eaten alive by mosquitos; primarily on my feet, but also some nice unattractive ones on my hip and back.

Stayed up way too late, especially after Glord and Jacob came out to join us. I drew on Shawn some more (this time with lipstick), and Glord did some funny things with his underwear that made me laugh really hard. d

Saturday I worked at the bookstore for a few hours, then got to my new apartment to pick up my keys and lock the place up. Once that was accomplished, I met up with N and S and we headed out to the wilds of Quebec for S's birthday event. There was barbecue and talking and fun. I started teasing J (yes, ex-boyfriend J) and he was teasing me back, including disassembling my phone and mocking me for having written apt (short for apartment, to remind myself to go after work) on my hand.

Another J showed up and I wandered over to the Subway with him to catch up and chat. Once we got back, there was more hanging out until we decided to go attend a park (rather than see the movie as originally sorta planned). We played on the structures and bound R with S's trick belt to a fireman's pole encased in rings of metal, balanced on and did chin-ups on the monkey bars, and did our damndest to make one another sick on the big teeter-totter. It was kinda funny; every time I separated myself from the group to be alone for a few minutes, someone would come over and sit with me, strike up a conversation or push me on a swing -- or sit on the one beside it.

I realized that the last time I hung out with any of the group en masse was for Greg and Madeleine's wedding -- that was the end of May. It's been a long time. As always, it was a good time/sad time hanging out with them. Greg started asking people about their five-year plans at one point, and it made me somewhat sad to hear or think of how within five years, most of the group will be with children and/or married... and here I am, still single (more or less) and... yeah. What I keep trying to remember though is that these guys are 25, 26, 27, that range; me, I'm going to be 23 on Saturday. I'm just starting out, and there's no reason I'm supposed to be there yet -- although sometimes I do wish I was with the guy I was going to marry. It'd just be nice to have that reassurance.

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