I'm currently hanging out with the Glord and Shawn. Here's a quote:

Shawn: "Jen, what are you up to?"
Me: "I'm updating my site."
Simultaneously, Glord and Shawn (in that order): "With what?" "Oh fuck!"

Tonight has included much pokage of nipples, penii, and various assorted body parts. 'Cause various isn't an obvious enough reference to assorted. Or something.

I'm actually pretty tired, but I'm feeling good. Right now Glord is exploring Shawn's ear and cyst. Not with his tongue as I was tempted to say, but just in general. Or something; I'm trying not to look. :)

Anyhow, I have nothing exciting to say right now, so... I'm just saying that Shawn poked me in a very private place, so I punched him or something. I don't remember; I'm traumatized.

Shawn just said to Glord: "I want you to like, stick ten ice cubes up my ass!" And Glord said, "And a rock!" And then someone also suggested a nun -- and it wasn't me.

Okay, back to the insanity.

Oh yeah, we killed a bug. It was big and scary and pathetic -- two women (Shawn's mom and myself), a gay guy, and Shawn, who was supposed to be a big strong manly straight guy, but instead feared the bug. It was amusing. :)

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