Stolen from Bacchus, a dear man who has linked Whore's Boudoir and increased my hits for me, corsets.

My computer is now back in commission, and that makes me happy. My daddy was very nice and fixed it for me (again), and I have now thrown out the game that was causing it problems.

Hung out for awhile last night, as previously stated with Glord and Shawn. Much hilarity ensued, including putting lipstick on Shawn's lips to make him look like a two-bit hooker. Now *that's* comedy.

I won a $10 gift certificate through work the other day. I got to choose whether I wanted it for the bookstore or for HMV; I picked HMV, so now I have an excuse to go and buy DVDs. :) I also got my birthday money from my aunt and my grandfather, so that provides me with some more excuses. Birthdays are for buying fun things, not paying off loans.

We had a family excursion to IKEA last night. I looked at some tables and things, but haven't bought anything major because we have to wait and see what the measurements in the new place are. My mom and I are going to go out hopefully on Thursday; I have to call my landlord and find out. Not to mention ask him about the water heater situation.

I did pick up some kitchen things, including glasses and a colander and some mixing bowls. I'm getting things in blue, so they won't match my blue flan plate and other dishes; it's a completely different shade of blue. :) That's okay, my entire place is going to be student economy poor; it's not meant to match. The next little while is really starting to come together, and my savings are holding up okay (gotta remember to *deposit* paycheques), so I feel that I can actually do this. I'd be happy if I didn't have to dip into my savings for rent or whatnot, and just had them as a cushion, but at least I know I can be okay for awhile.

Kazaa was acting insanely stupid at me the other day, so I upgraded to the new version, and now it seems that I can't find anything I want. This is not to be considered helpful by any means.

I have a week off coming up, and I'm going to be using it to do the sorting and tossing in my room. I want to get rid of a lot of stuff and make sure that what I'm making the effort of taking with me is stuff I actually want.

Anyhow, gotta get moving on the day. It's gonna be another long one, and I'm so tempted to call in sick to the book store, but I have no real reason to do so. I'm not sick, after all, and it's really short notice so that would be mean. Well, not *really*, but more really than I'd like.

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