It's a time for clearing things up, and cleaning things up, and getting issues cleared up. If you have a question for me that I haven't answered, try me and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

Turns out my credit card is a little too close to maxed for me to be able to participate in the online course. No matter, it's a busy time for me now, and there's certainly no rush for me to take it. I'm focusing on the Master's thing, anyhow. Kinda.

Today was all about the packing and the moving. I was lucky enough to have two friends pitch in -- one for the majority of the move, the other to help off-load the pull-out couch at the other end -- to help me move the big, bulky pieces downtown. This is the stuff that can't be crammed into the back of my mom's car... or that she won't let me cram in. :) I also had some help this evening when I moved in some more boxes -- a friend of one of my neighbours pitched in to help me move them in. And here I was, looking close to my worst, too. :)

There's now a definite gap in the area of my bedroom at the house. I've moved my bed downtown, so there's just a computer and dresser and a bookshelf in here... the room is starting to open up. And it's being driven home to me just how small the space I've been living in for the majority of my life really is.

At one point, I happened to glance in my room while Shadow was in there, and she gave me a look as if to say, "What the hell is going on in here?" Mom says the two of them are acting kinda weird, like they know something's up -- kinda hard not to, what with all the changing around going. It doesn't help that Dad and Kim have left, so there's just Mom and I disturbing the peace for them. I'm gonna miss the little monsters when I'm gone.

I'm going to be spending tomorrow picking up some final pieces of furniture and starting to unpack everything and set it up. Shawn has volunteered (i.e., been enlisted) to help me on that front, and so it should be fun. I won't mind as much doing dishes and ironing if I have someone there to entertain me.

Anyhow, I want to do some reading before I hit the sack. I get to occupy Kim's bed until I'm fully moved in -- wouldn't she be thrilled to hear that one? :)

For anyone who wants to know my new address, feel free to email me. I'll be keeping my cell as my primary phone number (although I'm seriously considering getting a landline as well), so that's the easiest way to get in touch with me. I'm getting cable and internet set up on the 2nd, so hopefully I won't be without my internet fix for too long. :)

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