Yeesh. Today was some more moving, some spending money, and some major major major unpacking. It feels nice to have turned my living room/kitchen area into an actual semi-habitable place from storage.

*sighs* I am pretty zonked, though. I set up a bookshelf (and these are big bookshelves), put the legs and cushions on the hide-a-bed, constructed my kitchen table and a chair (Shawn built the other for me, and it's chairific), the CD tower, moved furniture, set up the rugs and my stereo, the television and my microwave... urgh. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you could see the transformation, it's amazing.

Jacob was an awesome help to me too, setting up my floor lamp and my bed, and moving furniture around. Then there was the great garbage excavation at the end of the night that went ever so well. :)

It's weird having to move furniture about to accomodate my sloping floors. Have I mentioned that this place is the crazy tiny crooked space? It is, and it's my little poop hole for the next year.

Mom and I drove around today trying to get the final pieces. The dresser I really liked from IKEA was sold out -- ass buggers -- so I'm going to see if I can order that and the matching nighttable from the catalogue and have them deliver it. The pieces are *heavy*. On the subject of IKEA -- people are retarded -- I find it somehow interesting that my chairs were more labour-intensive and *annoying* to put together than my awesome swivel dining table. Don't get it, but whatever.

Anyhow, when Mom and I got everything downtown, we drove past my street to see that they'd opened up a new Pit of Despair at the very entrance to the street, totally negating any chance we might have of driving up legally. We took a load in, went to get some food and some book shopping (poor Mom was traumatized by her severely negative experience with Tim Horton's), then went back to the apartment to see that the hole had disappeared and it was possible once more to drive on the street. Who'da thunk it?

I've gotten to speak with D the last few nights -- he's called from his hotel rooms while en route and at his destination. He's been full of tales of what his rez room looks like and what he's done and such. I'm finding that I'm kinda missing the school experience; not that I ever lived in rez or anything, but I did go for a few classes here and there, and I kinda enjoyed the environment, as alone as I was in it.

We'll see what happens with this masters thing. :P

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