Okay, I'm here. I guess it hasn't been that long since I 'updated,' if you could call an article announcement an update. I'm kinda proud of that article, actually -- it was written in a more serious tone than some of my others, and I like it.

Anyhow... what's new and exciting here?

Well, saw American Wedding this evening with D. There was one particular scene in it where I gagged and had one of those instinctive "I have to be somewhere I can throw up" moments, but it passed and fortunately the scene ended somewhat afterwards. People in the audience were noisy enough that I was -- also fortunately -- able to miss out on a decent amount of the dialogue in that portion.

I found some of the scenes -- such as the first one with the dogs -- were a little too obvious in their setup, but later things made up for it. The bachelor party was a new use of gratuitous boobs. :)

I managed to get a fair number of things set up for the new place; I now have an appoitment to get cable and internet, and I have electricity. I have to send in a copy of my lease to get water, and I have to call my landlord next week to take measurements, but it's coming together. If only I could get a new job and make lots of money, it could all be paid for (and my debts could be paid off) without much fear. Here's hoping.

I also set up my gym training sessions with the (hopefully) nice trainer lady. I can then get well on my way to getting fit and buff and hot and I can feel good about myself and all that other touchy-feely stuff. In reality, I will go around and look hot and sexy and whatnot around other people who used to or currently reject me and I can feel stupid. Yeah, that kinda fizzled out.

I will be hot and desirable! Yeah, that's it!

Okay, enough of that.

I ran into H today on my way to D's place, and she filled me in on the scoop between her and R. Needless to say (a phrase I'm using an awful lot lately), things didn't end well between them, and she's kinda hurt. She told me of some of the dirty places they had sex, some of the actions she's taken since, and the fact that the pizza guy got busted for possession. It was kinda funny; he had less on him than his two companions, and R was driving without a license or registration, and yet pizza guy was the only one to get in trouble for anything. Because of the current state of the marijuana laws, they're apparently waiting until that's resolved to continue charging him (or something), and he'll likely merely have to pay a fine, but I still thought it was kinda funny. Especially imagining how livid he must be. :)

I remembered just now; I meant to post earlier about the things people were getting mad at me for/trying to pull at work yesterday (Monday, the Civic Holiday). People sometimes get annoyed when I ask them if they have a discount card. I don't know why, but I don't care. Whatever. That I'm kinda used to.

Also, whenever someone happens to work at one of the tills at the end of the cash wrap (as I was this day), then people frequently "don't see the line" and just line up behind other people who are paying. So... it means you're regularly having to shoo people down to where the others are lined up. Well, Monday I did this for about the second or third time and my usual directions to people who "can't see the line" are something akin to "it's on the other side of the displays." I tried that one on this one particular woman, and she got annoyed with me because she couldn't see five regularly-sized human beings standing in one place, holding items of merchandise that we happen to sell that they hadn't yet paid for.

Ew. I just sneezed on my knee.

Later in the day, a woman brought a box of cards to my till and wanted to know if she could have a discount on them; she'd found them "over there" -- i.e., not with the display of the other cards. I opened the box, counted the cards, counted the envelopes -- nothing missing. I told her there was absolutely no reason I could give her a discount. I really wish I knew what she thought she could get the discount for. The story, however, does not end here -- oh no!. She was also buying a reference book on how to write business letters. She wanted to know how old a book had to be before it qualified for a discount; her book was published in 1996. I told her that it was up to my managers to decide (which it actually isn't, it's head office, I believe) as to what books qualified for our bargain section, but that the book didn't happen to qualify for a discount. *mutter*

It's like the people who bring hardcover books to the till that happen to have had someone else *touch* them, or perhaps the tiniest corner of the jacket of the book happens to be wrinkled or torn, and they want a discount. I just want to yell at them that the book is going to see the same amount of damage travelling home in their meaty paws, so they should just fuck off and die. And stopping bugging me for fucking discounts.

Nice, got some rage going there. :)

Oh, also they should realize that lining up at five minutes before we close, when they've been there for several hours -- or even just twenty minutes -- doesn't fool me. They're still stupids who should not be allowed out in public.

I'm trying to find a particular song that I've heard in bars at times and it's frustrating me. Normally I am the queen of the search engine; feed me a song lyric and I can find your song and artist (and I have modelled such abilities for Charmaine and Lucas, at the very least). Yet this one is stumping me. It's an east coast-y song, with usually a male artist singing it. It has the lyrics "go home" in it -- I think -- and it's an up-tempo, beer-mug swinging kind of song. I think I might have a potential lead on it, but even Kazaa is letting me down tonight; half the songs I'm trying to find it doesn't have. Stupid people online with only pop music that I've already retrieved tonight (i.e., a few songs off the American Wedding soundtrack that I liked).

Hrm.... admitting to music piracy online. Not necessarily the best of actions, but... ;)

I've also taken up playing Black and White again. The only problem is that it periodically crashes on me, so much fun is had when I have to reboot my system and find out how long ago the last auto-save happened to be.

I also recently discovered that I didn't have an episode of you-know-what burned to disc, so I'm having to retrieve that. I still have episodes to watch to actually catch up to that point, but I've been trying to do other things for now. :)

So, that should be that for now. I'm off to bed, in an attempt to get some sleep in. Tomorrow has an early morning to it, and I hate those kinds of days.

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