Okay, these images are getting posted in their full goodness, simply because I'm too lazy and it's too early to try to figure out how to thumbnail them, and you have to see them in their full goodness in order to appreciate the mastery that went into this work.

First, the full-length version of the canvas:

How wonderful is that? Oh, you can't see the details? Well then, feast your eyes on:

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, that was all done in the space of a half-hour or so, and it was funny. There appears to be a bit of a tradition starting, and that's that Shawn gets drawn on when the three of us (myself, Glorg and Shawn) hang out. Glorg likes to carve into Shawn's flesh with a pen; I prefer a more gentle, thorough approach.

However, that wasn't all from that evening. We determined that Shawn didn't look enough like a cheap whore, so we decided to tart him up a bit. Just a bit, you understand:

Don't his full, sensuous lips look simply divine with that shade of red? Oh yes, yes indeed.

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