Urgh. I was up early this morning because of the gym appointment that I had. My muscles got exercised into soreness, but it's a good soreness -- of course, I say that now. I'll likely be whining later.

If anyone wants to sign up for Goodlife use my name -- then the love gets shared, okay? If you want a personal trainer, go with Kim. Yay, Kim!

I saw Chicago today with D. Great fun movie -- highly recommended by me. I liked a lot of the ways that they integrated the action and the singing, which only makes sense if you see the movie.

I also caught Bowling for Columbine tonight -- my second viewing -- with a few friends. We had some nice discussion afterwards and roundly agreed that Canadians rule. ;)

This week I have off, and it's my intention to spend mucho time with D, packing, and hanging out with whomever I can while I have the time. If anyone desperately feels the need to help me move and/or unpack, please contact me. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to have to spend going through some of my stuff and deciding what gets to stay and what gets to go -- and by stay and go I mean "move with me" and "get thrown out/sold." This should be a *fun* undertaking! Maybe I'll finally get rid of the 2002 calendar I have hanging on my corkboard...

There are still things I need to buy for the new apartment, and as much as I wish it were so, seasons of Buffy don't really qualify. It's more the things like a dresser, a mirror, shelving arrangements and cabinets and so on. I wish I could just magically have everything downtown already and work from there. :P

I hope the fish like the new place. Hopefully I can get them someplace where they might get a bit more light, although my place isn't much of one for the natural light arrangement. So many problems I only learned about later, when I looked at it through my parents' eyes. Ah well; I can tough it out for at least a year.

I wish I could make things all better for some people; some of my friends seem to be going through funks, selfish periods, unfortunate circumstances, and so forth -- it'd be great to just make things work for everyone. And me too. ;) It's going to be a whole lot of everything come September, that's for sure.

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