Well, today's purchases included a new teddy (red) and a new wallet. It's a grown-up wallet! I'm so proud. :)

I spent a few hours with my girlfriend D, following her around while she tried on clothes I couldn't get my arm into and asked if they were tight enough. *shakes head* She's a sweetie, but sometimes being with her makes me feel about ten feet wide. :P

I just realized that the undeads in Warcraft III are kinda half stolen from Starcraft. My brain is on drugs and it hasn't shared them with the rest of me.

A few quotes from the Shawn and Glorg portion of the evening:

"The Pope called. He wants his sins back!" and something to the effect of "Yeah, and Jesus is Moses to you" or something. Shawn sucks, 'cause he can't remember what it was, but it sure as hell made me giggle.

Actually, I think the funniest part of the evening had to do with the fact that there was two guys and a girl sitting on the couch, and it was one of the guys that got violated -- by the other one. There was no girl action involved, which leads to my theory that Shawn only wants to date me for my manly qualities and he's really into guys, as Glorg likes to claim.

The world suddenly makes sense.

I showed (girl) D some pictures of (boy) D this afternoon, and after she finished having me flip through them several times, she asked me to teach her what it was that I knew. This, coming from the girl whose body I seriously envy at times. And who never seems to lack for guys, particularly hot ones. Irony at its best.

And at Glorg's place, there was much looking at gay porn. I realized that reading/looking at gay porn is a bad idea when you've taken a vow of celibacy. Of course, I didn't take a vow of anti-masturbation, but still. *mutter*

Then there was the portion of the evening where Glorg alternately tried to convince Shawn and I to have sex, and/or have sex in front of him, and we (i.e., I) had to try to explain why it was that Shawn and I weren't already having sex. Minor things like the guy that I was dating for the last few months just left this morning for school, you know how it goes.

Apparently my saying that I want to be single for awhile is both humorous and impossible for some to believe, including (boy) D. As I explained to Shawn, I want to have some time being single, and not just the kind of single where I date two guys at once and pretend that I'm still some form of single because I don't happen to call either of them my boyfriend. I'm going to have a lot of big changes going on in my life over the next while, and I want to be able to focus on them and myself. Get to know myself sans male companionship and all that. It's doable.

No, really. Shut up, it is.

I've been pretty lucky in the last string of relationships that I've had, and while part of me doesn't want to be alone, the other part of me wants to stop having "for now" relationships and start looking for the good guys out there. Of course, I've had longterm relationships with assholes, so it's not as if avoiding the "right now" guys is going to make things automatically better for me, but I do want to start dating people that I can see myself with for awhile, as scary as that might be to myself or them.

There we go, just started on my way to doing a Creative Writing course online -- there are a few components, and now I'm doing one of them. Woot for me.

Anyhow, time for me to go play some Warcraft III and go to bed way too late, then wake up early and not be able to get back to sleep. It's a good life, I tells ya.

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