And so begins adventures in naked apartment living. Last night I was just too warm to bother sleeping in pjs, so I didn't. I usually find that I kinda "need" the barrier of clothes between bedclothes, or that my skin temperature drops too much if I don't have a t-shirt or something on, but last night I was fine.

The last two or three mornings I've woken up a few minutes before my alarm clock, despite getting up at different hours of the morning (though usually it's been 8 or 9, no weird times in between). It's nice, and it's annoying -- I'm looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow.

Today is supposed to be the day that J and I from work go out on a "date," which I never wrote about here -- he asked/told me we were going to see a movie tonight, then when I asked if we were going on a date or just as buds, he said he'd prefer a date, but would take buds... and try to work me up to a date. I said that I wasn't really in a place to go out on a date, and he said that he was going to write me an amazing love poem in order to convince me otherwise.

However, yesterday he went home sick, so I don't know if anything's on tonight. If not, it'll give me a chance to clean my apartment, maybe get to the gym (despite being sore and cranky), and do some laundry -- all of which are fairly overdue. My folks are coming down tomorrow to bring me my microwave cart, so that means I can finally set up my toaster oven and start eating my bread products. I also desperately need to defrost my freezer so I can have some meat in the house. :P

Last night I abused Shawn's porn storific discount for the final time, buying a number of toys for my collection that I didn't already own -- and one item of apparel. Afterwards, we headed over to Pizza Hut to make the waiter hate us -- they'd already cleaned the restaurant and then along we came. And then a family followed us in and the waiter punished us by seating them behind us, so all of a sudden I felt slightly self-conscious about our discussion. We still continued it -- screaming orgasms, BDSM, threesomes and all -- but I felt a little guilty about it. Of course, the funny part was that the dad of the family was one of Shawn's regulars.

When we left for the bus stop, it seemed as though the parents gave us dirty looks. Meh.

What else is interesting? I signed up for belly dance lessons, so I start that on Monday. I'm working my final week at the bookstore this week, and so I have three jobs still for a week -- and training at the government. *sigh* Stupid early hours. I have one closing shift at the bookstore, and I think I'm going to try to get out of it. Being at work until about quarter after eleven, then having to get up at 5:30 the next morning? Not what I might call fun.

I'm so looking forward to just working at the government, 'cause then I can get into a regular schedule at the gym and everything, too. I'll do what I can to set up regular appointments with my trainer and then go in other days under my own steam. Once my schedule is regular, I think I'll be able to push myself to do at least that much.

I think I'm getting muscles, too -- I think I can feel my triceps and forearms more than I used to. Watch me flex in sexy ways! ;)

Ah well. Time for me to get moving. I'm going to buy my breakfast again and I have to stop by the post office -- a parcel arrived for me yesterday (Angel season 2, I presume? :), and I have to go pick it up. Maybe I'll get to watch some Angel tonight. Ah the exciting downtown apartment dwelling. :)

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