Things I've learned from late-night television:

* If I put on weight, my boyfriend has a right to cheat on me.

* If I've been treated poorly by men in the past, I have a right to cheat on the guy who's supporting me (and my kid and his kid).

* Celebrity Justice uses all of their resources to make the world's worst puns and connections between an actor/actress and his/her most recent/famous film.

Got together briefly with J from work today for movie adventure goodness. Unfortunately, J wasn't feeling well, so we wound up leaving the film after about an hour and just walking home. En route, we passed by the bookstore folk and sorta said hi, so now I wonder what rumours will abound. Meh.

Otherwise, quiet day. Looooong day. I desperately wanted to go home and I was feeling exhausted, but I did get my Angel season 2 (had to pick it up from the post office), and I made it through another shift. Four more to go; still debating on asking someone else to take that closing shift for me or not. Also must move gym appointment. Must clean apartment. *sigh*

My folks are supposed to come down tomorrow to give me my microwave cart. I really ought to clean up first. *sigh* Stupid errands. Stupid looking after myself. :)

Got to chat with D briefly. His mom came by the other day to return all of the uniforms he was hoarding; I wasn't there when she came in, but I got to see the pile. And mock him for it later. :)

There was a book of daily sexual positions left by the videos till today, so myself and one of the new employees were perusing it -- he made a point of showing it to me, and so of course I had to look up various "important" dates, such as my birthday, today's date, Christmas, and so on. My position is "have you seen my keys," which, from the line drawings in the book, appears to be a variation on the standing reverse-entry. So long as I have something against which to brace myself, I'm all for this one. ;)

Shawn, if you read this, reply to my email and tell me what your ICQ number is. I have an old version of ICQ (that apparently has every weirdo in the world wanting to contact me -- I've had no less than about ten strangers in the last few days saying hi) -- and I can't find your number online. If there are others I'm missing, please speak up. :)

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