I had a weird dream before I woke up this morning (yes, as opposed to just after I woke up). I dreamt that some friends of mine from I don't know where had bought a huge house together, and it was haunted. In my dream, I still had my own place, but I'd moved some stuff in with them in order to hang out for a bit.

I'd hooked back up with the pizza guy, and there was some kind of turf war going on. My sister and this senior from the bookstore and the pizza guy and myself and a few other people were on the run from some other people with mechs, and we managed to defeat them, and then there was this moving into the house thing. And the pizza guy and I disappeared somewhere to have sex, I think. And I told him I loved him, and he told me he loved me.

Once the haunting got bad -- knocking on the walls, things moving around and/or disappearing, an ex-tenant suing one of the girls living there for his underwear having disappeared while he was there -- I got scared and kept insisting we leave, that I wanted to leave. My friend S was there, and was showing off her collection of funky home-made clothes to the pizza guy, who saw them after he'd helped her install something in her closet.

Then, when I finally decided to wake up, my first thoughts were, "Would D have told me that he'd slept with someone else? I was right when I said that by Thanksgiving, he'd have hooked up with someone else. Would we have just hung out and fooled around at Thanksgiving, and I'd have never known?" There was an email waiting for me when I got up, so I asked him directly.

I hung out at the station last night and chatted with a couple of the security guards. We talked about sex a lot, and then more sex. I went home thinking that it was past time that I got laid. As K said, sometimes it's not about emotions ("it's not serious") and it's just about getting the animal fucking out.

*sigh* Ah well. Letting go of some of the stress and tension I felt when I woke up. I'm going to spend the day with my mom, aunt and later dad, and I think my aunt is awesome, so I'm sure today will be great. I'm also feeling kinda horny, so that's going to be fun to deal with all day. :P I just hope there's something going on tonight. I'm up for cool plans and whatnot, so perhaps some drinking or some such can be on the cards.

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