I spent today indulging in some retail therapy with my mom and my aunt. Fun times; I got some new pants, a seriously funky new shirt that I paid way too much money for but love, a new skirt (that my mom apparently bought the exact same of), some games (including Twister, take that Ben!), a bracelet, some popcorn (time to feed my crack habit), a bunch of new bras, a fake dresser for my closet, a grocery cart, a hot/cold pad, and a few other things that I likely can't remember. :)

Expect more pictures to appear on here, but I won't guarantee that they'll be of any quality whatsoever; since my original use of the webcam is kinda kaput, I'll be using it to take pics of shit and post them. I also intend to integrate more pictures with Whore's Boudoir, and I figure that I have an idea or two for a column poking around in my head. I was kinda composing one on my way to meet Mom and Dorothy today. As always, with everything that I think but don't immediately write down, I've likely lost much of it.

*sigh* Went to WalMart with the intention of finally buying Buffy season 2, they're sold out. Figures that's how my luck'll run today.

Meh. My appetite's been so stupid lately. I'll feel hungry, start eating something, then halfway through it (if I'm lucky), my appetite disappears entirely. I've had a glass of chocolate milk, half a chicken caesar salad, half a garlic wedge and about half a small Coke today. I'm hungry now, but I don't know how much of my dinner I'll eat. Maybe I'll finally lose some weight. :P Yay, anorexia for fun and profit!

It's been good seeing my aunt again. She's one of my favourite relatives, and she treats me like an equal. I seem to take after her in a lot of ways, and it's probably because I have my dad's sense of humour, which she shares.

On the bus to the mall, there was a crazy guy sitting above me and he kept laughing and muttering various things to himself. I forget what the particulars were, but part of me just wanted to turn to him and ask him if he realized he was crazy.

Oops, supper time. I'm off. It's nice seeing my cats again. :)

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